The Importance of Proper Installation for an Energy Efficient Roof in Southgate Michigan

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Energy efficient roofs are the latest and greatest methods people are using to reduce their energy footprint and lower the costs associated with their energy in their homes. In the last decade, more and more people are opting for roof replacement in Southgate Michigan to install energy efficient materials to help with this movement. The structure of your roof really plays a key role in how efficient it is – paired with the correct installation of the materials selected.

The Importance of Proper Installation for an Energy Efficient Roof in Southgate Michigan

General architecture could be to blame for some roofs being more or less efficient in energy usage that others, but how the materials are used is what is most important. The installation of materials will influence whether or not heat is easily lost in the winter or let in during the summer. To optimize your energy efficiency, you really need to not only look at the materials, but how they will best be used for your home. Also be sure to discuss in depth with your contractor what you are needing so that there is a mutual understanding of absolute proper installation being necessary.

The Importance of Proper Installation for an Energy Efficient Roof in Southgate Michigan

Energy Efficient Roofing Materials

Not all materials are going to be energy efficient, so it’s important that you start off on the right foot by selecting materials that are rated as energy efficient.

  • Metal Roofs – These are considered one of the most energy efficient options when it comes to roofing. Metal roofs are great at reflecting the sun’s rays, therefore reflecting much of the heat that would otherwise be absorbed. This can result in a 20-30% savings on your home cooling costs. In addition to this, metal roofs are also fire and insect resistant, helping you to have the peace of mind that your roof is easier to maintain.


  • Tile Roofs – Concrete and clay roof tiles are very good at being weather resistant and protecting your home. There is a natural thermal resistance offered with tile roofs as well as a ventilation system that is going to help create a thermal barrier. Airspace around the tiles helps to do this, which reduces heat transfer to the roof deck. Tiles can also be coated to be more reflective and therefore more energy efficient as well.


  • Reflective Additions – You can add a reflective coating if you opt for shingles on your roof to help with energy efficiency. A good reflective coating can reflect around 80% of the heat that is typically absorbed by roofs. This will really boost your home’s energy efficiency as you won’t have near as much heat gained through the roof and attic. This coating also protects the longevity of your roof by giving it additional UV protection and waterproofing.


  • Other Materials – A well-insulated roof will add to the efficiency of your home. It’s important that you go ahead and opt to add more insulation when replacing your roof to better protect your home. Additionally, you should consider adding a radiant barrier to your attic as this will inhibit the heat transfer and reduce heating and cooling costs for your home. As always, it’s also important to properly maintain your roof by regularly repairing or replacing caulking and weather-stripping when needed.

Proper Installation is Important

No matter what type of roof you select or what materials you choose for your roof, the proper installation of said materials is imperative to keep your roof energy efficient. Make sure your contractor is familiar with energy efficient materials and installation so that your roof will have peak performance once installed.

When you are selecting the right contractor for this type of job, you want to find a local company that is not only licensed and insured, but experienced in this type of work. Here’s some tips for selecting the right roofing company in Southgate Michigan and contractor for your roofing job. One of the best in the area is Downriver Roofers.

  • Find a few good contractors in the area and request estimates from them.
  • Ask about their liability and worker’s insurance, including the coverage dates.
  • Look into the warranties offered by the company, both on workmanship and the materials used. Compare what is offered between the contractors you’ve narrowed down.
  • Make sure there is proof that the contractor is experienced in the work you want completed. Ask for references, check their reviews, ask about specific certifications. There should be some way that a roofer can prove they’ve done energy efficient work before.

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