Damaged Caused by a Leaking Roof in Downriver Michigan

Downriver MI Roof Leaking

We’ve all seen the television shows that depicts a roof leak and someone grabs a pot or pan to catch the leaking drip that comes from the ceiling. While protecting your home by catching this water can certainly help, chances are there is loads more damage being done to the home even when you trap this water. Having a roof leak on your home will require roof repair from a reliable roofer in Downriver Michigan. Without proper repair, you are risking much more than just the frustration of placing a pot under the leak each time it rains. There is much more damage that can be taking place when you delay getting a roof repair on your home. Here are just a few of them.

Damaged Caused by a Leaking Roof in Downriver Michigan

When you first notice a roof leak on your home it can be quite a frightening experience. After all, you don’t know exactly how long the roof has been leaking and if it has affected anything else in the home. The exception is storm damage where an object physically strikes the roof and causes damage that is evident upon a visual inspection. When this occurs being able to deal with the roofing damage quickly will also help to prevent further problems on the home’s roof. Here are just some of the items that can be damaged when a roof leak is delayed:

Lowered Energy Efficiency in the Home

As water pours into your attic space from a roof leak it usually gets soaked up by the insulation in the attic. This will compress the insulation causing it to lose some of its insulating properties and thereby causing the energy efficiency to drop in your home. Also if the roof leak is over a wall and the water gets into the exterior wall which is common with roof leaks caused by roof ice dams, the insulation could become weighted and fall down the wall. This leaves the entire top of the wall basically without any insulation causing a considerable drop in energy efficiency, especially during colder, winter months.

Damaged Caused by a Leaking Roof in Downriver Michigan

Mold Growth in the Home

One of the biggest problems that most homeowners never think about when a roof leak occurs is the mold that can be growing in the home. Moisture and high humidity are present during a roof leak and that helps to promote mold growth in the home. The longer the roof leak allows water into the home the higher the chance of mold growing in your home. And if you wait too long you may need to hire a mold remediation contractor in Downriver Michigan as well.

Structural Damage

When water starts to enter the home through a roof leak it can damage almost everything it touches. Since most of the home’s components and structural components are made of wood that is not treated for moisture, they can start to break down. Typically, getting wet a time or two won’t compromise these components however, over time the components may fail due to rot and other problems.

Interior Water Damage for Home and Furnishings

While the structural components of your home can be damaged by a roof leak, they may take a bit of time. However, for things like drywall in the home, it usually only takes one time for it to stain and then another for it to need replacing. The weight of the water that saturates the drywall can also cause problems and it may even collapse from the ceiling of your home. Water pouring in from a  roof leak can also damage the home furnishings as well such as sofas or electronic items such as televisions or computers.

Electrical Problems and Fire Hazards

Another huge problem that you may not have considered is the electrical circuits of your home. When a roof leak is located around an electrical box it can cause it to short out any maybe even catch on fire. Plus, if the roof leak allows enough water in the home it also put you at risk of electric shock in some cases. Always turn off any breakers where you suspect a roof leak may be occurring for safety.

Don’t Take Chances, Get a Roof Inspection Today

If you suspect there is a roof leak on your Downriver Michigan home it’s always best to have the roof fully inspected by a qualified roofing contractor. Downriver Roofers offers roof inspection and roof repair services in Downriver Michigan and can help you protect your home from a roof leak. Call them today at 734-548-9919 for a roof inspection on your home.

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