Reasons You Shouldn’t Try to do DIY Roof Repair in Wyandotte Michigan

Roof Repair in Downriver MI

There are a number of at home projects that you can do yourself. Your new roof installation  or even roof repair in Wyandotte Michigan surely is not one of these things, however. A roof repair project or a full roof replacement has no room for errors and should be kept to the roofing professionals that are fully qualified. You should read carefully just what some of the issues you could face below and why you should always hire a professional roofing contractor for your roofing project.

Reasons You Shouldn’t Try to do DIY Roof Repair in Wyandotte Michigan

Roofing is a very dangerous profession. In fact, it’s one of the most dangerous jobs in the United States where many people are injured each year because of falls and other accidents. And that’s for properly trained roofers with the appropriate safety equipment. For home owners the risk goes up substantially. This reason alone is enough to persuade you to hire a qualified roofer for your project.

Reasons You Shouldn’t Try to do DIY Roof Repair in Wyandotte Michigan

Wasted Time

Even if you do your thorough research when approaching a roof repair, you will more than likely take significantly longer to complete the project than a professional would. You will have to be far more careful considering you don’t do this expertly and will have to take your time to do it right. You then will prolong the process and essentially waste time. Time is money, so you run a doubled risk here. If your project ends up being more than you can handle, you may have to hire a company anyway. By then, you’ll have wasted your time completely as it was all for nothing.

Wasted Money

When you waste time, you waste money. If a project takes longer than expected, you are out more money whether it’s lost wages from taking off of work or if it’s in rental fees for tools you need. At some point in time, you lose money if you lost time. Add on top of that any additional costs you get yourself into due to having to spend more on materials if you were to mess something up. If a project really goes south, you may even be forced to hire someone to fix the issues. Then you’re out the cost of hiring a company to repair your roof on top of what you spent trying to do it yourself. Even if your repair doesn’t go to that, you run the risk of something messing up more easily than if it were done by a professional and then you will face the cost of repairs once again.

Incorrect Installation

Unless you are already a roofing expert – in which this sort of can’t be called a DIY project – then you have no idea what you are doing when it comes to roof repair. No matter how many articles you read or videos you watch, if you aren’t certified to do roof repair, then you really shouldn’t trust doing roof projects on your own. You will more than likely do some part of the process wrong (maybe even by trying to cut corners further) and you can cause more damage than you had to begin with.

No Guarantee/Voided Warranty

With many roofing materials, the manufacturer guarantees the product if it is installed correctly. By doing this yourself, you are at a huge risk of voiding that warranty and could end up being completely out of pocket for future repairs. A roofing company also would likely have a workmanship guarantee or warranty they also offered to further protect you should something go awry soon after the work was completed. If you did this yourself, there is no workmanship guarantee. Instead, you’ll either be faced with hiring a company to correct your mistakes, or you’ll be out of pocket doing it again – and risking making things even worse.


Perhaps the greatest risk of all is a serious injury from trying to DIY your roof repair. Think about it: your roof is several feet off the ground. You are therefore at a much greater risk for injury as simply falling off the roof can end up doing some serious damage. Factor in having to maneuver around your tools and materials and the risk for falling is very great. A professional company such as Downriver Roofers will have practices in place to ensure their safety, whereas you won’t necessarily be familiar with what precautions to take. Call Downriver Roofers today at 734-548-9919 and speak with one of their qualified roofers about your project and get a free quote!

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