What Should You Do When Your Home’s Roof is Damaged

What Should You Do When Your Home's Roof is Damaged

With the summer months upon us it’s common to have evening thunderstorms that bring with it wind, rain, and lightning. There may also be occasions where hail is present as well making it much more damaging. For home owners, this is a very stressful time because not only are they worried about keeping their families safe but also their homes. Getting your home damaged in a storm can have devastating effects especially when the roof is damaged. If your home has been damaged by a storm there are some things that you’ll need to do in order to keep further damage from occurring. I’ll go over some of those things in this article. 

What to Do When Storms Damage Your Home

The roof of your home protects the home from rain, snow, hail, and more. In fact, when a storm damages your roof it can actually leave the interior of your home with much of the damage. When water invades the interior of the home it can have devastating effects. So when your home is damaged by a storm especially the roof you need to take action quickly.

Here are the steps that you’ll need to take in order to make sure the damage caused is minimized:

  • Call a Roofing Contractor
  • Place a Temporary Fix on the Roof
  • Remove Items Under the Damage

These are the basic steps you’ll need to take in order to have the least amount of damage to the home. The very first thing you should do is call a roofing contractor rather than trying to fix the problem yourself. Going on your roof is extremely dangerous and you can be seriously injured by doing so. Leave the roofing work to the roofing professionals.

Call a Roofing Contractor

The first call you should make as soon as you realize that your roof is damaged by a storm or other event is a roofing contractor. Most roofing contractors will have an emergency service available to take care of homes when a storm comes through the area. For instance, in Plymouth Michigan the team of experts at Home Pros Plymouth have emergency service that you can get for your home quickly. They are one of the best roofing contractor in Plymouth Michigan and can help you tremendously when you have damage to your roof or need roof repair on your home.

damaged roof from storm

Get a temporary Repair in Place on Your Roof

In order to prevent further damage from occurring in your home you’ll need to cover the area that is damaged with a water tight repair in case it rains again. Adding a temporary repair on your roof should not be done by a home owner. Instead, when you call a roofing contractor be sure to tell them you need a temporary repair installed. You can be seriously injured or even killed if you fall through a damaged roof or off the side of your roof. Don’t take that chance, instead leave the roof repairs to the experts.

Remove Items From Damaged Areas

When you home is damaged in a storm there are some things that the home owner can do. If you have a damaged roof in one area of your home be sure to remove any items that can be damaged from the water that may leak through the damaged roof. Items like electronic equipment, televisions, computers, and other home electronics should be removed from the affected area as long as they are not already wet or damaged. If the damage has already occurred then leaving the items may be needed for insurance purposes. If you have furniture that has yet to be damaged it’s a good idea to remove those items as well to prevent any more damage to them.

There will be some items that you may not be able to remove but you may be able to cover them with drop clothes or plastic in order to protect them. Although this is more of a precaution it’s much better to be safe than sorry when it comes to storm damage to your home’s roof.

Call a Roofing Professional First and Heed Their Warnings

When your roof is damaged by a storm make sure you call a roofing professional first. When the roofing contractor comes to your home and inspects the damage they may think the home is not structurally sound. When a tree falls onto a roof or some other large amount of damage occurs it can make the home unsafe to even occupy. Make sure you heed any warnings or cautions from the roofing professional.


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