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Questions To Ask Yourself Before Starting A Kitchen Remodel in Downriver Michigan

Remodeling a Kitchen in Downriver MI

A new kitchen can be an exciting home improvement that makes daily life much easier and using your kitchen much more efficient. But before you can get into the new kitchen you first need to make it through the kitchen remodel in Downriver Michigan. So before you start ripping out cabinets and picking out new appliances, it is important to ask yourself some questions about your kitchen remodel. Starting out without knowing a few key details will likely mean your kitchen remodel will end up as more of a disaster than an improvement. …

How To Remodel Small Spaces To Get The Biggest Results in Downriver Michigan

Living in small spaces doesn’t mean sacrificing big design or functionality. Remodeling your home in Downriver Michigan is a great way to optimize your space, no matter how little or how much you have to work with. Even for a small home remodel in Downriver Michigan you can make minor changes that can make a big difference. Properly remodeling your home can take even the smallest floor plans and make it function like any other home. There are several go to remodels anyone living in small spaces should consider to better utilize their limited floor place. Here at Frame 2

6 Tips to Keep in Mind for Your Basement Remodel in Downriver Michigan

Remodeling a Basement in Michigan

Is your basement a dingy, poorly lighted place where random items are stored? Getting the most from the space in your basement means that a basement remodel may be needed. There are many rooms that can be created by remodeling your home’s basement. From extra bedrooms to a great place to watch football on weekends, when it comes to your basement area, the sky is the limit. There are some things you’ll need to consider if you’re getting a basement remodel in Downriver Michigan however. We’ll cover 6 things that you’ll certainly want to consider when remodeling your home’s basement …

5 Things You Will Need to Consider When Remodeling Your Kitchen in Michigan

5 Things to Consider When Remodeling Your Kitchen

One of the most difficult rooms in the home to remodel is the kitchen. There are lots of reasons why it’s so difficult. With plumbing and electrical work almost always present during a kitchen remodel it makes the project usually one of the most expensive as well. Another reason why the kitchen is so difficult is because it has to cater to everyone in the home whereas a bedroom would only need to please the occupant of that room. Either way you look at it, doing a kitchen remodel is tough. I’ve put together 5 things you’ll need to consider …

How to Save on Your Next Home Remodeling Project

How to Save on Your Next Home Remodeling Project

Getting a home remodel project done at your home can be a hassle. And most times a home remodel project that lasts over a few days can cost thousands of dollars depending on what you have done at your home. This is especially true when it comes to kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling. There are some things that you can do to cut down on how hectic things are at your home. There are also things you can do that can save you money on your home remodel project as well. In this article I’ll go over some things that …

The Worst Things You Can Do for Home Remodeling

The Worst Things You Can Do for Home Remodeling

Taking on a home improvement project can lead to many restless nights, stress headaches, and frustration. But when things go right it can make for an enjoyable place to spend you time later. It’s just getting to that point that can be tough sometimes. I’ve decided to list some of the worst things you can do if you’re taking on a home improvement project in your home. Avoid these costly mistakes that many people make and not realize and you could get the job finished faster and more inexpensively as well. …