How Does The Sun Damage Your Roofing in Brighton Michigan?

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Much like our skin, there are many other things that need protection from the sun. The roof of your home is a prime example of this. Because it is in the direct line of the sun’s full rays and does not get any cover from it other than the occasional cloud, the roof has little to no break from the sun during the day. So it is crucial that you not only understand what to look for when checking for sun damage on your roofing in Brighton Michigan, but the repercussions of not dealing with these damages.

How Does The Sun Damage Your Roofing in Brighton Michigan?

Why Is The Sun Damaging Your Roof?

While the sun is the source of all life on earth, the giant star also provides us with several downsides. The sun’s biggest threats to the roof of your home are the heat it provides and the ultraviolet rays beaming down on it. The heat can affect the roof as is manipulates the material and makes it more pliable. Ultraviolet rays, even when it is cloudy, work to break apart the molecular structure of your roof. The ultraviolet rays will also greatly add to the damage caused by the heat exposure or temperature changes. The damage will not show up overnight, but instead become gradual wear and tear. This is why it is so important to know the signs of roof damage from the sun and to do regular inspections to look for even the smallest issues.

How Does The Sun Damage Your Roofing in Brighton Michigan

What Are The Signs Of Roof Damage?

Because the roof is the first and best defense your home has from the sun, elements, and everything else being thrown your way, it is crucial to check your roof regularly and make sure to do everything you can to fix it as quickly as possible before the issues get worse. Because the roof of your home is subject to so many potential problems, the smallest problem can become a massive problem is a very short amount of time. This can mean you go from a roof repair to a complete roof replacement in as little as a few weeks depending on what else you are exposed to. So knowing what the sun is capable of doing to your roof and being prepared can be the difference between a few hundreds of dollars and thousands.

Heat Exposure

Consistent heat exposure quickly dries out the shingles and the oils and chemicals composing the shingles will be forced to change and adapt. This means not only changing the shape, but entire structure of the shingle. The heat will also reduce the effectiveness of weather proofing chemicals and require you to redo it frequently.


Shingles are the first line of defense on your roof so they need to be in perfect working order to be as effective as possible. The sun’s rays beating down on the roof can lead to these shingles becoming warped and leaving room for moisture and pests to get in and cause more problems. So if your shingles are no longer lying flat, but instead becoming curled, warped or misshapen in any way, the sun has taken its toll and you will have to replace them as quickly as possible.


Caused from both sun damage and thermal expansion, the splitting of the roof shingles are also a sign that you will need to make repairs. The shingles will split, crack, and tear causing anywhere from hairline openings to whole sections missing. Regardless of how big or small the splitting is, if there is any kind of opening that provides pests and moisture the opportunity to get through, the entire sub roof, structural framing and throughout the rest of your home. Once it is in it can lead to major repairs and even having to gut your home from mold exposure.


Dried up shingles will start of splitting and cracking, but if left untreated, it will turn into crumbling. The crumbling of your shingles may start out as a smaller problem, but once it starts there will be chunks missing and ragged edges from them. This greatly increases the decaying process and will end up costing you thousands in an entire roof replacement rather than just replacing shingles.

Get a Roof Inspection on Your Home

In order to properly assess the condition of your home’s roof you’ll need to get a complete roof inspection done on your home. For home owners in Brighton Michigan the best roofing contractor to call is Livingston Roof Pros. Call today at 517-940-8770 for more information.

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