Guide to the Types of Siding Materials Available for Your Home in Michigan?

What Types of Siding Are Available for Your Home

You can have the prettiest home in Michigan, but if you aren’t satisfied with siding on your home, you won’t be satisfied. That’s why it’s important to know all about the siding materials and the options that you have. In this article I wanted to go over some of the popular siding choices that are on the market today and give you some advantages and disadvantages of each one. After all, choosing the right siding for your home can make it look much better and be something that you can be proud of. 

Guide to the Types of Siding Materials Available for Your Home in Michigan?

Although there are many different types of siding that are available today many of them are not common. Some siding is made specifically for certain areas and aren’t included in this article. I only included some of the top styles and materials used in siding. Also these are for residential homes mostly but some of these sidings are also used for commercial purposes. So if you’re ready to begin:

Vinyl Siding for Your Home

Vinyl siding is one of the most popular sidings today. Most new homes that are built will have vinyl siding on them initially. This is especially true for economical homes and in areas where income is considered below average. Vinyl siding is also one of the most inexpensive types of siding and that’s why it’s so popular. It allows a builder to apply siding to a home without the extra cost associated with other types of siding. There are many pros to vinyl siding however. Since it can be formed into almost any style it can also mimic almost any style. So if you’re looking for a cedar shake look or a wooden German siding look you’ll likely be able to find it in vinyl siding.

Siding for your Home

Aluminum Siding for Your Home

Although aluminum siding is not as popular as vinyl siding it still has many of the same properties as vinyl siding. It’s relatively inexpensive for one, and it comes in many different styles. Unfortunately, this type of siding is quickly becoming obsolete and many of the manufacturers are no longer making it. So in a few years you may not be able to get any if there is a problem with your siding. Another problem with this siding is that when it’s hit with falling branches, baseballs, or even acorns it can dent. Aluminum siding does last a long time but vinyl siding is the better choice.

James Hardie Siding for your Home

The latest craze in siding is called James Hardie siding. It’s a siding material that is made from cement fiber board. It’s very sturdy once in place on your home and it protects your home much better than vinyl siding. You’ll need a professional installer such as Michigan Roof Pros to install the siding for you. But once it’s installed it protects your home great. It doesn’t crack and split like vinyl siding does. And it comes in a variety of styles and colors much like vinyl siding. Unfortunately, it’s only available in limited styles like flat, woodgrain, beaded, etc…


The latest craze in siding is called James Hardie siding. It’s a siding material that is made from cement fiber board.


One of the best things about James Hardie siding is that it can be installed with your color choice already added to the panels. So even when there is a chip or damage it still has the color throughout making it much less noticeable. You can also get all sorts of add on components for this siding such as trim and soffit materials. The one downside of James Hardie siding is that it’s more expensive than vinyl siding. Although it’s better quality it’s also more expensive to install as well. Be sure to keep that in mind if you’re considering this type of siding.

Wood Siding for Your Home

One of the oldest types of siding that is still used today is wood siding for home improvement. There are many different styles of wood siding today and they range in price from very cheap to very expensive. Cedar siding shakes are one of the popular wood sidings that are used today but they are expensive and usually only used on small portions of the home such as a gable end or under a porch. Other less expensive wooden siding includes lap siding made from pine or pressure treated wood. There are also wooden panels that can be installed on some home called T-111 siding. One of the major problems with this type of siding is that it requires a lot of maintenance. You’ll need to apply sealant or paint the siding every few years and it may be prone to insect damage.

Whatever siding you choose for your home make sure you use professional siding installers to install it for you. Installing siding is a job that is best left to the professionals because you may void the warranty on the siding if you do it yourself or damage it in some way. One of the best siding companies in Michigan to install the siding for you is Michigan Roof Pros. They are a roofing and siding contractor in Michigan and offer excellent service.

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