Why Gutters Should Be Replaced When You Get a New Roof in Taylor Michigan

Why Gutters Should Be Replaced When You Get a New Roof in Taylor Michigan

Experienced homeowners know that their home will need to have parts repaired and replaced as times go on. Whether it is something small like a toaster, or more crucial like getting a new roof in Taylor Michigan installed. These aspects of your home have a finite lifespan. Gutters are one of those aspects, and identifying when they need to be replaced is vital for avoiding further problems for your home. Typically, installing gutters on your home should be done when you get a new roof however many home owners put off this important update. Here are some reasons why it’s best not to delay gutter installation on your home when you have a new roof installed.

Why Gutters Should Be Replaced When You Get a New Roof in Taylor Michigan

Gutters help a home in many ways. They direct water away from the home which helps prevent weathering of siding and other components. Not only that gutters help to prevent problems such as basement flooding and foundation erosion which can get quit expensive to repair. If your home currently doesn’t have gutters installed or they are clogged or failing then be sure to consider new gutters even if you don’t plan on getting a new roof. With that being said however, if you are getting a new roof installed, make sure you get new gutters as well, here’s why…

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What Purpose Do Gutters Serve?

Gutters play an important role in diverting water away from your home to a safer location further from the foundation. Water from rain or melting snow is blocked from falling directly down next to your home, as well as diverting water running down your roof.

Ways Gutters Can Be Damaged?

Gutters are typically made of metal, which while sturdy, will become corroded over time. This can happen over years when water passes through the piping, or can also happen much faster if gutters become obstructed and water sits for long periods of time.

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Gutters can also become damaged through strong winds, storms or impact damage, which can knock them loose or askew. This can make it difficult for the water to drain properly, if at all. Dents to the gutter piping is especially problematic because it impacts the natural flow of the water and can cause water to collect in the dents, making it easier to corrode that spot.

What Happens When Gutters Aren’t Working Properly?

When water cannot pass through the gutters properly the moisture inside will continue to build up until there is no more space in the gutters and overflows off the sides. This moisture then either backs up onto your roof, where it can sit and work its way into your roof and home, or land around your home’s foundation. Roof leaks can form, leading to mold growth and even structural damage to vital support systems in your home. Water around your foundation can also soak into the soil, making it loosen and cause erosion. That can then cause your home’s foundation to sink over time.

Signs You Need to Replace Your Gutters

There are some clear signs that you need new gutters. One of the most obvious signs is that the gutters are no longer attached. Whether from age, or from storms, when gutters are loose and cannot properly connect to your home, they need to be replaced. Another sign is that you are having issues with obstructions, even when performing regular maintenance on your gutters to keep them clear. This can indicate that there is a problem beyond just something getting stuck, and may indicate that there are flaws in the actual design.

Another sign that you need new gutters is that there are leaks in the piping. This can be from improper installation, corrosion, or age. No matter what the cause, once there is a leak in the gutter system, you will need new gutters to fully fix the issue.

Best Times to Replace Your Gutters

While you should not put off your gutter replacement, the best time to do the job is when you are also replacing your roof. This makes installation easier, allows for an easier time matching colors, and there is a drip edge guarantee. Plus, if you use a roofing contractor such as Downriver Roofers, you can get a huge discount on gutter installation if it is done with a new roof installation. Give them a call today at 734-548-9919 to get a free quote on roofing and gutters for your home.

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