The Three Roof Areas that Should be Checked Before a Replacement in Troy Michigan

It doesn’t matter if your roof is old, or if it has had damage – if you spot a leak, it’s time to call the a qualified roofing contractor in Troy Michigan to come take a look and at very least do a roof inspection on your home’s roof. A leak can be caused by any number of things, but what’s important is getting the problem resolved quickly before the issues become even worse. Waiting for days or weeks before you decide to get your home’s roof repair can lead to all sorts of problems and damages to your home.

The Three Roof Areas that Should be Checked Before a Replacement in Troy Michigan

Always be sure to have a qualified roofing contractor in Troy Michigan come inspect your roof if you suspect there are any issues such as leaks so that you can ensure that the best care is being taken when it comes to your roof. You’ll be able to address problems before they get worse, and possibly get to issues as they are still able to be repaired rather than getting a full roof replacement. Many times a roof inspection can mean finding problems before they are actually a roof leak on your home. This means that you can get a roof repair done before your roof leaks.

The Three Roof Areas that Should be Checked Before a Replacement in Troy Michigan

Once you’ve called a roofing contractor or inspector to take a look at the roof of your home, they should inspect three key areas to see whether your roof needs to be replaced or if a roof repair will be sufficient. Be sure that they check these areas so that you know your roof was properly inspected and you can know that they have given the right recommendation.


Your roof shingles are what get hit the hardest, literally, with the elements of the weather and environment. While made to be fairly durable, they can still take a beating and can be damaged over time or after a severe weather event. Due to constantly being battered with the elements, roof shingles are more susceptible to deteriorate faster than anyone would like. If caught in time, isolated areas can be replaced and the roof can be repaired, if there are widespread problems with your shingles you could need a full roof replacement and your roof could even be defective. Many times the roof shingles will be damaged by storms.


The Fascia of your roof is the lower portion that covers your eaves. This is also where your gutter system is installed. When you don’t take care of your gutter system, your fascia can be affected, potentially even leading to rot and mold. This can then get into the other portions of your roof and spread the damage further into your structure. You don’t want this problem, so it’s important that your fascia is closely examined for any damages or signs of water damage as well. If your fascia has started to disintegrate, the only solution is a roof replacement. While many people consider the fascia to be only cosmetic it can lead to damage to the home by way of a roof leak. Typically, gutters are the culprit when you have a failure or rotting on the fascia of the home.


Your flashing provides a watertight seal where water would otherwise be able to get in and do damage. Flashing is found along the valleys and chimneys of your roof, so these areas are most prone to water damage if the flashing is damaged. These places need to be checked regularly and should be looked at first when considering roof replacement. Is there is no longer a sufficient seal in these areas, or if the flashing was not correctly installed to begin with, you may face a full roof replacement.

If you have any doubts about the health of your roof or where to go next once you find damages, contact a local reputable roofing contractor to help you along this process. As long as you keep the lines of communication open and aren’t afraid to ask questions, then you will be able to make it through your roof replacement without too many problems! One of the best roofing contractors in Troy Michigan is Troy Roofing Pros. They offer roof inspection services and free quotes on roofing projects in Troy Michigan. Call today at 248-509-8015 for more information.

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