Ways to Save Money on Roof Replacement in Wyandotte Michigan

Ways to Save Money on Roof Replacement in Wyandotte Michigan

When your roof starts to fail it can be a truly worrisome time. The longer a roof leaks the more damage that can be done to the home itself and the furnishings in the home. Many home owners will delay getting a roof replacement simply because of the price of the of the project but that’s not always a good idea. There are some ways you can save on a roof replacement in Wyandotte Michigan if it doesn’t quite fit into your budget. Here are some tips that can save money on your new roof.

Ways to Save Money on Roof Replacement in Wyandotte Michigan

Lots of problems can happen which will require a new roof. Sometimes the roof is just old and starting to break down causing leaks. Other times storms can damage the roof to the point where the entire roof needs to be replaced. In any case, when your roof has widespread damage that requires a large portion of your roof to be replaced. For smaller problems, a simple roof repair may be the answer to your roof leak. Talking with a roof contractor about your roof leak and getting a roof inspection can help you figure out exactly what you need and how to move forward. If you do need a full roof replacement here are some tips to help save money:

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Choice of Materials

One of the biggest costs associated with a new roof is the materials cost. Higher quality materials will cost more than lower quality counterparts. You can usually tell just how much quality a shingle is by the warranty that is attached. Longer warranties usually mean better shingles. Three tab shingles are typically one of the most economical ways to cover your home while still having a warranty of about 15 years usually. Architectural shingles have a much better warranty of about 30 to 40 years.

Method of Installation

Did you know you can actually save money on your new roof simply by choosing a different method to install the roofing? When you get a new roof installed on your home the normal process is to remove the old roofing materials and then install all new materials. While this is the best option it’s usually more expensive than what’s called a re-roof. During a roof over or re-roof method of installing a new roof the old roof is left in place. Instead of removing all the old roofing the new roof is installed directly on top of the old roof. This can save money on labor and debris removal for the project. Not only that but it can also reduce some of the materials needed.

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Take Advantage of Discounts

Many times roofing contractors will offer discounts when work gets slow. Roofing manufacturers can also offer discounts as well on aging products or products that will soon be ended. You can take advantage of these discounts and offers to save money on your new roof. Talk with your roofing contractor about any specials or discounts that may apply to you.

Consider Getting the New Roof Financed

If you need a new roof on your home getting it installed quickly is important. As I mentioned before, when you have a roof leak making sure it is repaired as quickly as possible is important and can reduce the damage that may be done to your home or furnishings. And if a new roof simply doesn’t fit into the budget even with the cost-cutting tips above then consider getting the roof financed. Many top rated roofing contractors will help with financing the new roof so you can make payments on the project over time. Some even have no money down options available. These options will vary from contractor to contractor but you should be able to get your new roof like you need by using financing options that are offered.

Get a Quote Today

Don’t get worried about your new roof. Remember, talk with a roofing contractor to determine the best way for you to get a new roof installed at a great price. Call the experts at Downriver Roofers today at (734) 548-9919 for a free quote on your new roofing project. They also have awesome financing options with zero percent interest and no money down options. Call today to learn more and get a free estimate.

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