Springtime Cleaning Tips: Vinyl Siding in Southgate Michigan

Springtime Cleaning Tips: Vinyl Siding in Southgate Michigan

Vinyl siding is commonly used on homes across America, with it’s high durability, low maintenance, and low price point, it’s no surprise many homeowners will decide to get vinyl siding installed on their home. There’s so many advantages to it and time only makes it become better and better, whether that’s by implementing more energy efficiency to versatility, there’s plenty to be upgraded. If your home’s exterior is covered by vinyl siding in Southgate Michigan, then you know the benefits that it can provide, that’s why we tend to advise every homeowner to consider having vinyl installed on their home.

Springtime Cleaning Tips: Vinyl Siding in Southgate Michigan

While it is true vinyl siding requires barely any maintenance, it will require a nice cleaning every now and again. This is just to help bring the beauty back and keep your home’s curb appeal high. Spring is a great time to clean your vinyl siding, with the beauty that comes with Springtime, it’s important to keep that beauty with your vinyl siding as well. During Winter, dirt and grime can get on your home’s siding easily, leaving it looking run down and old, so cleaning it during Springtime is definitely recommended if you care about your home’s aesthetic and curb appeal. So, follow along as we talk about cleaning tips that you can do yourself for your vinyl siding.

Vinyl Siding in Southgate MI

Preparing For Cleaning

Before you begin cleaning your vinyl siding, there’s a few things you should do first. Preparing for the cleaning chore is going to help you spot damages, move items out of the way, and much more. We’re going to cover a list of things you should do before you begin cleaning.

  • Kill the electricity to the outside area
  • Move plants out of the way
  • Move furniture out of the way from cleaning
  • Close all of the doors and windows to prevent water from getting in

Inspecting Your Vinyl

Once you’ve gotten all of those tasks done, then it’s time to move on to another task that needs to be done before you begin cleaning your vinyl siding. Inspecting your vinyl siding is a great way to find any damages that may have been done to your vinyl. If your vinyl has holes or cracks, then the water from cleaning could seep into your vinyl from those areas and cause issues such as rotting foundation or mold growth, so inspect your vinyl siding closely before continuing.

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The Cleaning Process

Cleaning your vinyl siding isn’t hard, however there are some things you shouldn’t do. Most homeowners typically think that pressure washing their vinyl siding is the best route to take, since pressure washing can typically eliminate all dirt from anything with the high pressure, but when it comes to pressure washing your vinyl siding, it’s a bad idea. The high pressure can damage your vinyl siding, it’s possible to pressure wash your vinyl siding, but only if you’re experienced enough with a pressure washer to do so. With that being said, we’ll move onto another way you can clean your vinyl siding efficiently.

  • Preparing Your Cleaning Supplies

It’s important to have all the necessary cleaning supplies and tools on hand before beginning to clean your vinyl siding, this way you don’t have to run to the store for something in the middle of the chore. A large bucket, water hose, non-acidic cleaning solution, and a brush and mop will do the trick.

  • Cleaning Your Vinyl

There’s a few ways to go about cleaning your vinyl, typically we suggest starting out with your soft brush and cleaning solution, then going around your home and getting in between the cracks of your vinyl where dirt and grime is to loosen it up. Then, you’ll want to grab your mop and begin running it across your vinyl siding. We suggest using a mop as it will give you more leverage.

There you have it, the best way you can go about cleaning your vinyl siding in Springtime. If you’re not the one who likes to do chores, then you can always hire a professional siding expert to clean it for you. This can ultimately save you a lot of free time and doesn’t need to be done every week. Always ensure that your vinyl siding is clean to keep your home looking amazing. Call All Point Construction today at (734) 407-7110 for a siding inspection and free estimate on repairs or replacement.

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