3 Budgeting Tips to Keep in Mind for Roof Replacement in Canton Michigan

3 Budgeting Tips to Keep in Mind for Roof Replacement in Canton Michigan

When the roof on your home fails and you need a new roof having a budget in place to do so can certainly help. But like so many other items, you’ll likely need a new roof at the worst possible time especially when it comes to finances. Since getting a roof replacement in Canton Michigan can cost thousands of dollars many home owners simply aren’t prepared for a sudden expense such as this. There are some things however you can do to reduce the overall cost of the roof and sometimes you may even be able to get the roof financed. We’ll share some budgeting tips to help you get the best roof possible for your budget.

3 Budgeting Tips to Keep in Mind for Roof Replacement in Canton Michigan

There are many factors that influence the price of your home’s roof replacement. The size is obviously one of the biggest factors. But there are other factors as well that you may not have considered such as access to the roof which can affect the cost. While many of these factors won’t be able to change there are some that you can. Trimming trees and brush away from the roof can help reduce the cost of the roof as well as giving the roofing contractor access to the roof in ways that may be a bit unconventional. It’s always best to talk with the roofing contractor about things you can do to help reduce the cost such as final cleanup. Here are some tips that you can discuss with your roof contractor about saving money on the roofing project.

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Get a Roof Over Done on your Home

When you need a new roof and you have asphalt shingles installed there are two ways a new roof can be installed. The most common is known as a tear off and replace. A tear off and replace is when the roofing contractor removes all the old roofing shingles and underlayment exposing the roof decking. Then a new roof is installed. There are many advantages of using a tear off and replace installation but it is also more expensive. The other method is known as roof over. Basically a new roof is placed directly on top of your old roof. The old roofing materials are left in place and covered up. This can save money on labor and debris removal costs as the roofing is left in place. While this can give you a new roof there are some disadvantages to it. Problems can arise soon after installation and it adds a tremendous amount of weight to your existing roof. Only two layers of roofing can be applied to home as three is simply too much weight and against building codes.

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Material Choice Can Save Money

There are many different types of roofing material available today. The major type of roofing used in Michigan today is asphalt shingle roofing and while it is widely popular there are also many different varieties when it comes to this type of roofing. One of the most economical is the three tab version of asphalt shingle roofing. Three tab shingles can have a warranty of about 15 years and can protect your home well while giving it a great appearance. They aren’t as pronounced as architectural shingles however which may be more expensive. Choosing lower cost shingles can help to reduce your overall roofing costs

Hire a Professional Roofer

There are plenty of videos and television shows which shows do it yourself roofing projects but that is something that you should avoid. Replacing a roof is not a do it yourself project and you can do much more damage which can cost you much more than a regular installation by a qualified roofing contractor. You’ll also want to avoid low budget roofing contractors which can also be very similar to a DIY project.

Get Your New Roof Financed

Still can’t fit a new roof into your budget even with the tips above? Consider getting the roof financed. Having a roofer that offer financing can help you get a new roof installed on a payment plan that works for you. Twelve Oaks Roofing is one roofing contractor that offers financing. Give them a call today at 248-525-6950 for details on financing your new roof and get a roof quote as well.

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