Using Free Roof Estimates to Get the Best Price

Using Free Roof Estimates to Get the Best Price

When problems start to develop on your roof it’s time to get some roofing help. The prices for roofing can be very different from each contractor however. In this article I’ll go over some of the things that can help you get the right roof for the right price. Don’t get stuck with an expensive home improvement project with your roof that doesn’t last and you’ll regret. Be sure to follow these tips and help to get the best roof at the best price. 

Using Free Roof Estimates to Get the Best Price

One of the best ways to find out exactly how much your roof is going to cost and what sort of materials will be used is by getting a free roof estimate for the roofing repair or replacement. By getting a free roof estimate from more than one company you can actually compare the quotes and determine which is best for you. The key is to find companies that will offer free estimates. Contractors like Troy Roofing Pros which offers a free roofing estimate in Troy Michigan and surrounding areas.

Contact a Roofing Contractor That Offers Free Roof Estimates

There is a big difference in roofing contractors and roofing companies. A roofing contractor will be licensed, bonded, and insured in case there is a problem. Although roofing companies may also be licensed, bonded, and insured they may not have a contractor license and may only do roof repairs. When you contact roofing companies make sure you ask about it they are licensed in your area and are insured. They may also want to only do roof repairs so be sure to ask about full roof replacement if needed.

Check With Online Reviews

The internet has made it much easier to check the reviews of companies. Now you can find reviews of past customers of companies who have done roofing work much easier. Check at online sites to determine how well the company delivered on it’s promise and if there were any unexpected expenses that seem to keep coming up. Sometimes reviews are left by competitors so be sure to just use the reviews as a guide and not a hard set rule. Roofing companies that offer satisfaction guarantees are also great to work with because of their commitment to customer satisfaction. One roofing company that offer this guarantee and has been voted #1 in their area for customer satisfaction is Downriver Roofers.

Ask About The Roofing Materials Used

The materials used in the roofing replacement can make a huge difference in the price of the roof. You can even use green roofing options that are now available. Whatever material you choose for your roof make sure the brand, style, color, and warranty are the same when comparing quotes. Sometimes contractors can offer a cheaper price by offering roofing systems which may look the same but are different. One such difference is with metal roofing. The thickness of the metal used in the roofing has a big impact on price and warranty on the roofing system.

roof replacement

The products offered by roofing material manufacturers will have a specific brand and part number for the products they offer. On the roofing quote make sure it contains this unique identifier so you know exactly what materials are being used in the roofing replacement or repair. Differences in the material used can cause the prices to be vastly different so be sure to keep this in mind. You can also look at the warranties offered for the materials used. Higher quality materials like those offered from GAF will have a longer warranty but they will also cost more.


Save Now or Later

Depending on the type of roof you have installed it should last for decades. Warranties on roofing systems now go as much as 50 years and the materials used are very durable and can withstand storms and other disasters. However, the better quality materials used on your roof with longer extended warranties will cost more initially. Using lesser quality products may save you more money now during the installation but it may need to be replaced much sooner. The question you’ll need to determine in your roofing choice is whether you want to save money now on your roof or have a roof that will last longer saving you money later.


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