Protect Your Home with a Roof Inspection in Howell Michigan

Roofing Inspection in Howell MI

Your home is a huge investment. For most home owners, the most valuable material possession they have is their home. And since the home is such a huge investment it’s always a good idea to try and protect it as much as possible. The roof on your home is important as it protects the home from damage from weather and when there is a roof leak on the home getting it repaired quickly is important. Although getting roof repair in Howell Michigan is important when there is a roof leak you can protect your home before you get a roof leak by getting a roof inspection in Howell Michigan. Learn how a roof inspection can help protect your home and more with this post. 

Protect Your Home with a Roof Inspection in Howell Michigan

Many times getting a roof inspection is done after large storms or when you may think there is a problem on the roof. But you can get a roof inspection anytime. For homes with older roofs getting a roof inspection every year or two is ideal because as the roof gets older it may start to have more and more problems. In fact, most roofing materials are designed to last 15 to 25 years before they start breaking down. Once that starts happening you can start to have problems on your roof the will need to be repaired. Ultimately, you’ll likely need to get a new roof installed on the home if the roofing materials are starting to reach the end of their useful life.

Protect Your Home with a Roof Inspection in Howell Michigan

Can I Do a Roof Inspection Myself?

You should not attempt to go on your home’s roof for roofing inspections or roof repair. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there are more than 150,000 people in America that require medical treatment or are killed as a result of roofing accidents each and every single year in the United States. So before you attempt to risk your life for your roof call a qualified roofing contractor in Howell Michigan who has the right safety equipment to use in the roof inspection or roof repair.

Why Do You Need a Roof Inspection

By determining what shape your current roof is in can help you better determine if you need a new roof or not. A roof inspector will go over many points on the roof to look for problems, potential problems, and roof leaks. Here are some of the items that will be checked during the inspection and may be itemized as well:

  • Roofing surface including the roofing shingles
  • Chimneys and skylights and the seal around them
  • Roof edges and roof ice dam protection
  • Ventilation on the roof
  • Roof penetrations such as plumbing, fans, and other items that penetrate the roofing surface

As you can see getting a roof inspection means going over your entire roof and all the components that are on the roof. A proper inspection can locate potential problems that you should address before they become a roof leak.

Do I Need a Roof Inspection Even Without a Roof Leak?

Getting a roof inspection can help locate problem areas on your roof. These problem areas may not be leaking at the moment but show signs that it may leak in the near future. These potential problems may be broken roof shingles, cracks in the seals around roof penetrations and more.

What if There are Problems on the Roof During the Inspection?

If you have a roof inspection done and have problems on your home’s roof the roofing contractor in Howell Michigan who done the inspection will likely offer roof repair services. They will make suggestions on how to proceed with a roof repair or if your entire roof needs to be replaced they can provide an estimate for the roof replacement. In either case, a roof inspection does not mean you will get the roof in tip top shape but you’ll be aware of the problems on your home’s roof. You can then take steps to repair the roof if needed.

Get a Roof Inspection Today in Howell Michigan

Need a roof inspection done on your home in Howell Michigan? Be sure to call the roofing experts at Livingston Roof Pros today at (517) 940-8770. They are a fully licensed and qualified roofing contractor in Howell Michigan that offers roof inspection and roof repair services.

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