Tips for Plumbing Maintenance for your Home

Plumbing Maintenance

Most home owners never give a thought to the plumbing in their home until they notice some sort of problem. But, in many cases if the home owner took steps to maintain the system better it could cost much less to repair. Doing regular plumbing maintenance could also make the home much more safer as well. In this article I’ll go over some of the things you can do to help maintain your plumbing system and ensure it has as less problems as possible.

Tips for Plumbing Maintenance for Your Home

Just like with annual HVAC inspections it good to give your home a plumbing maintenance routine every year. Although some of the tips that are presented here are more for preventative maintenance they can actually save you on your energy costs as well. Along with keeping your home running smoothly with water flowing these tips can also help to make it much more safer.

Tips for Plumbing Maintenance for your Home

Is Lead or Other Contaminants Present in Your Water?

Since the Flint, Michigan crisis broke some time ago, people have been really concerned with the quality of water they are drinking. Although you are using water provided by city or county it’s important to test the water yourself from time to time to see if it contains any contaminants such as lead. You can get a small test kit that allows you to check for lead for less than $20. If you find lead in your home’s water supply be sure to address the problem immediately as lead can harm your health. It’s also a good idea to test water after big storms or water problems that have occurred in or around your home.

Checking for Leaks in Your Plumbing

A small leak can turn into a huge problem if it’s not addressed. Check hose bibbs outside after freezing weather for leaks as many times these fittings can freeze and burst causing a leak. You may also notice areas in or around your home which always remain damp even in dry weather. This can be an indication of an underground water leak. Many times water will puddle on the surface if a pipe underground has broken.

A tell tale sign of a broken pipe under your home or underground is less water pressure in the home. If your shower just doesn’t have the pressure it once had be sure to look around for leaks in your home. You may also need to call a plumbing service to check in areas such as basements and walls.

Do Your Toilets Flush Correctly?

Toilets can waste a huge amount of water if they aren’t working properly. Many times a toilet will stick and allow water to simply go down the drain. If you notice water continually entering the toilet bowl after is has been flushed you may need to get the toilet replaced or at least rebuild the toilet’s plumbing. Allowing a toilet to constantly run will be a huge impact on your water bill.

The Dangers of Mold Growth in Your Home

Water leaks in your home can damage all sorts of things. Home are made mostly from wood and water can cause the wood to rot and become less structurally sound. But it can also cause a bigger problem which is mold. Mold can start to grow in your home after a leak has formed and it remains damp. If you notice mold growing in an area that has a leak it’s important to call a plumber to repair the leak and also remove the mold. You may need to call a home restoration company to remove the mold as well.


Septic System Maintenance

For home’s with a septic system installed be sure to keep it up to date on servicing. Once a septic system starts to give problems it can cause all sorts of problems inside the home. Be sure to inspect the septic system and if it needs service call a plumber to arrange service. Adding chemicals and such to a septic system can cause problems so be sure to thoroughly investigate any products that are sold as septic helpers. They can actually do more harm than good. For home that use a governmental system for sewer you will not have this problem.

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