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Creating A Home Remodel Design Brief for Your Ann Arbor Michigan Home

Creating A Home Remodel Design Brief for Your Ann Arbor Michigan Home

Design briefs are used to clearly outline what your goals are with your home remodel in Ann Arbor Michigan. From what you want removes, to what you want built or added, it is important to have a picture of what you want out of your remodel. To help you avoid losing track of your goal, or getting too carried away, there are some good rules to follow.

Creating A Home Remodel Design Brief for Your Ann Arbor Michigan Home

A great way to make your home more functional and energy efficient is to do a home remodel project. Your home remodel project can include all sorts of components that can be upgraded or updated to make it better. Adding newer energy efficient windows is one way to add curb appeal and make your home more energy efficient. Of course, with any type of home improvement project you’ll want to properly plan out the entire project from start to finish. And with the help of a great home improvement contractor you can make that plan a reality for your home. Here are some tips to help.

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When considering home improvement project for your home be sure to follow these tips for a home remodel design brief.

Consider What Your Current Issues Are

The most important thing to make sure you are improving on your current situation, rather than staying the same or making it worse. If you need more storage, make sure that is incorporated into your design brief. If your home seems closed off, you need to plan for how to open things up. This is the chance to improve, don’t waste it.

Put Functionality First

While things may look better a certain way, you need to remember that you live there and must navigate the area on a daily basis. One area that people can struggle with putting functionality first is the kitchen. Everyone would love a kitchen straight out of a magazine, but you need to remember that your kitchen needs to work for you. Consider how you currently navigate the area and make sure you aren’t going to ruin your flow by adding things that don’t work for your needs.

Remember the Rest of Your Home

If you are remodeling one area of your home, you should consider how it will look compared to the rest of your home. For those who plan on remodeling their entire home, make sure the overall plan for each room will go together as a whole. If you are only going to remodel one room for the foreseeable future, you should upgrade, without making one room look drastically different from the rest.

Don’t Get Carried Away with Aesthetic

Everyone wants a beautiful home, but aesthetic can’t be the most important thing. Instead, you need to focus on the functional design and floor plan, and then worry about aesthetic after that is finished. If you plan out the aesthetics first, you risk both a valuable opportunity to improve your home overall, and blowing your budget.

Make Sure Everyone Is Happy

Unless you live alone, it is important to consider everyone in the home and how the remodel impacts them. Everyone should have a say because they will be living in the area and dealing with the design changes. This can be a major point of contention in your home, so make sure you avoid drama by letting everyone voice their issues with the current design and how it can be improved.

Make Sure to Consider the Future

Whether it is further remodels down the road, new additions to the family, or selling you home, it is important to remember that what you do now impacts your home in the future. If you plan on making more changes, they should all flow together. Whether it is pets, children, or relatives coming to stay, you need to make sure the changes you make will be able to accommodate these changes, rather than hinder them.

It’s Not a DIY Project

One thing that you’ll need to do when doing a major home improvement or remodel project is hire a qualified contractor. Most of the materials and components used today need specialized tools and procedures in order to work properly. If you’re thinking about a home remodel project in Ann Arbor Michigan be sure to call the experts at A2 Home Pros today and get a free estimate. Call 734-548-9910 for more details and to discuss your project.

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