Will Replacement Windows in Plymouth Michigan Be Worth the Money?

Will Replacement Windows in Plymouth Michigan Be Worth the Money?

It seems like every home improvement blog is raving about replacement windows and what they can do for your home. But is the hype really worth it, or are we being oversold another basic home improvement project which promises amazing returns on our home improvement dollars? To really understand whether replacement windows in Plymouth Michigan are worth the time and cost to get them, you need to look at the pros and cons.

Will Replacement Windows in Plymouth Michigan Be Worth the Money?

Adding new replacement windows to your home can make it look great. The replacement windows available today can give your home a major boost in curb appeal and when you combine that with the increased energy efficiency of new windows it seems much like a win-win for replacing your windows. But it’s also best to know the cons as well which we’ll cover below.

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Advantages of Replacement Windows

Some of the best reasons to replace the windows in your home include:

Greater Energy Efficiency

On average, replacement windows will save you around 19 percent on your cooling bills in the summer, and 25 percent on your heating bills in the winter. If you go with more energy efficient options, you can see even more savings all year long.

Increased Function

You can change out the style of window for something that is more functional to fit your needs. If you want greater control over airflow, we highly recommend casement windows. If you want to get something that will give you a better view, you can opt for a picture window, or even a bow or bay window.

Less Maintenance

Newer windows are less prone to problems, but also can need less maintenance overall depending on what you go with. Vinyl windows can mean a huge decrease in repairs and potential issues because they are non-porous and better withstand the elements, than wood or aluminum.

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Greater Aesthetic

Just because you replace your windows does not mean you need to go with the same windows you had prior. While they will help you gain greater efficiency, you can be losing out on an opportunity to increase your aesthetic. By changing your window’s size, style or color, you can make your home look far better both inside and out.

Decreased Energy Bills

Greater energy efficiency and windows without any issues can lead to huge savings on your energy bills. You can spend less on heating and cooling because your windows will better insulate your home. But you can also save money on lighting your home by going with larger windows, or windows that do not have and obstructions like hung windows do.

Increased Value to Your Home

Replacement windows and roofs are two of the biggest selling points for potential home buyers. Knowing that the windows are new and energy efficient means savings for them every month and no need to worry about having to take on that investment themselves so soon after buying a home. That means you can price your home higher on the market and attract more buyers.

High Return on Your Investment

Replacement windows have one of the highest returns on your investment of all home improvement projects. On average, you can expect to see between 70 and 80 percent back from what you spend on your windows, but it could be even more depending on the options you go with.

Disadvantages of Replacement Windows

The biggest disadvantages to replacement windows are:


While the return in your investment is high, you still have a large upfront cost. You can get discounts for replacing all the windows in your home at once, but you still need to pay that large sum of money. Depending on your financial situation, you may need to consider loans, but you do not want to go with the cheapest option, only to pay more when you have problems down the line.


You will need to do research for what kind of windows you want, what options there are and who you will be hiring to do it. This can be time consuming, but you do not want to skip over this and risk getting windows that are wrong for your home or installed improperly.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Call a qualified home improvement contractor such as Home Pros Plymouth for a free consultation on your home’s windows and get a quote on replacement windows for your home. they are fully licensed and qualified and offer free quotes! Call 734-548-9911 today to get started!

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