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How To Remodel Small Spaces To Get The Biggest Results in Downriver Michigan

Living in small spaces doesn’t mean sacrificing big design or functionality. Remodeling your home in Downriver Michigan is a great way to optimize your space, no matter how little or how much you have to work with. Even for a small home remodel in Downriver Michigan you can make minor changes that can make a big difference. Properly remodeling your home can take even the smallest floor plans and make it function like any other home. There are several go to remodels anyone living in small spaces should consider to better utilize their limited floor place. Here at Frame 2 Finish we’ll share some tips and tricks to make the most of your living space no matter what the size is. 

How To Remodel Small Spaces To Get The Biggest Results in Downriver Michigan

As with any type of home remodel project the first thing you’ll need to do is get a plan together. The better prepared you are before you begin the home remodel project the better the outcome will be. Making a budget and getting estimates from a qualified home remodel contractor will help to prevent problems later during your home remodel project. With that being said, here are some tips to make the most of your small space:

How To Remodel Small Spaces To Get The Biggest Results in Downriver Michigan

Revamp Your Closet Space

While it may not seem like a lot of space in a larger home, smaller spaces can greatly be impacted by closets. So it is important to consider if you really need on and how to get the most out of that space if you do. If you have multiple closets in your home it can be more efficient to remove the underused ones to utilize that space in a more effective way.

Get Creative With Storage

Especially important when you are in a small space, you really need to plan out your storage options and get creative with your space. Rather than getting the stereotypical furniture and storage methods, think outside the box. You can get ottomans, chairs and even couches that have hidden storage spaces and you can also get bed frames that have places to store things. Focus on hanging storage like over the door hooks and customize organization with kitchen and bathroom hacks.

Makeover The Bathroom

With a shower, sink and toilet all a must have in the bathroom, you are already eating up a lot of the limited space in your home. If you want a tub as well it will mean losing even more space. To avoid being too overcrowded and cramped in your bathroom, it is important to plan ahead and find the best possible layout. Bathroom remodel projects can be tricky so be sure to discuss any thoughts about it with a contractor. Choose vertical tiles that will make the room look bigger and opt for inside the shower and on the door storage to prevent taking up more room than necessary.

Connect Rooms Together

Walls and hallways take up space you could otherwise be utilizing for storage, decoration or just walking space. So you can take one of two method to remedy this. The first method is to do a complete open concept style that removes all walls except for around the bathroom and possibly the bedroom if you so choose. This allows you to walk around the entire house without having to worry about losing space and can make the floor plan flow more naturally to provide the most open space.

The second option for connecting rooms together is to create a wider opening like a sliding glass door, but without the door. You can choose how big you think the opening should be, but this allows you to gain more usable space while not having to worry about taking down walls or affecting the overall structural integrity of the home. If you choose to you can install sliding doors rather than standard doors to provide you the ability to separate the areas if you want to but don’t need to worry about the swinging doors taking up more space. Open floor plans can certainly add the appearance of space in a home.

Before you commit to any type of home remodel project be sure to call All Point Construction in Downriver Michigan. They are a fully licensed and qualified home improvement contractor in Downriver Michigan. All Point Construction also offers free estimates for home remodels. Call today at 734-407-7110

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