Get Help for Noisy Pipes in Downriver Michigan

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Sometimes it may seem like your home is haunted or there is some other problem in your home when your walls bang and rattle when using the water. This is actually a common problem and can be repaired. It’s important to understand what the sound means and then take steps to deal with noisy pipes in Downriver Michigan. Rattling and other noises throughout a home is typically chalked up to the age of the home or the time of year. But there are reasons for the rattling that not only can end the noise, but prevent you from potential damage to your home. We’ll go over some steps that you should take when you experience this haunting situation.

Get Help for Noisy Pipes in Downriver Michigan

Plumbing throughout your home and buildings in general will include piping throughout the walls. So when those pipes are making noise it can be the building’s way of letting you know there is something going on. There are three main reasons for the rattling in the pipes in your walls and understanding these rattles will help you as a homeowner to protect your investment and put your mind at ease. There are several causes for pipes that are noisy and sometimes it’s not what you think. In older homes it could be a sign of things breaking down, while in newer homes there may not be installed correctly or with the correct components such as water arrestors in the lines.

Get Help for Noisy Pipes in Downriver Michigan

Why Your Pipes Are Rattling?

High Pressure

When your pipes bang after you turn a faucet on it is more than likely caused by high water pressure. To correct this issue you should contact a plumber to install a pressure regulator to prevent the pipes from banging and keep your water flowing more smoothly. Usually the capacity of the water arrestor won’t be able to handle the extra pressure and that causes rattling. You may also hear the rattle when appliances use water such as a washer, dishwasher, ice maker, etc..

Water Hammer

When you hear a banging noise in your pipes in addition to some rattling noises it is most likely a water hammer occurring. A water hammer is the noise created by a blockage in the vent pipes of the plumbing in your walls. As the water moves through the pipes it can sometimes create a vacuum. This vacuum, more often than not, can be dissolved as the water continues to flow through the pipe and by the vents that are incorporated into your plumbing system. But, if the vacuum is not expelled through the vent because the vent becomes clogged, the vacuum can remain and create a sound similar to hammering in your walls.

To help prevent water hammers it is important to minimize your chances of vacuums forming in the pipes. Firstly, it is important to always keep the vents of your home clear. This will guarantee that the vacuum that forms have a place to escape rather than remaining in your pipes. If you are still having issues even with open and clear vents, you should then apply a controlled water flow through your pipes to clear the vacuum out.

  1. Turn off the main water supply
  2. Turn on the faucet furthest away from the main line
  3. Turn on the faucet closest to the main sewer line
  4. Once the water is draining out and has stopped flowing you should then shut off the faucet closest to the main sewer line.
  5. Turn on the main valve and let the water refill the plumbing until it easily flows through the furthest faucet again.

Loose Mounting

When the sound is not a bang, but more of a vibrating rattling sound, the cause in most likely from loose mountings in the pipeline. To resolve this you should have a qualified plumber come out to check the entire pipeline to look for any loose fittings. This is especially important because it can also mean water leaks in your walls and damages including rot and mold when it goes untreated.

Call A Plumber for Help

Most noisy pipes should not be dealt with by home owners. Instead, call a qualified plumbing contractor in Downriver Michigan to make repairs to your home. One of the best is Downriver Plumbers. Be sure to call them today at 734-548-9925 for help.

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