Reasons Why You Home Windows in Wyandotte Michigan May Have Condensation

Reasons Why You Home Windows in Wyandotte Michigan May Have Condensation

If you have a brand new house with new windows or a well-loved house with windows that have been around since the beginning, window condensation is an issue that any homeowner could have to deal with. This is something you have probably ignored in the past, but there is a very good reason as to why it could be a sign of a problem that needs fixing. Many times getting replacement windows in Wyandotte Michigan is the best option because of the large return that you will get from the initial investment. However, talking with a contractor is always the best option.

Reasons Why You Home Windows in Wyandotte Michigan May Have Condensation

Having condensation in your home windows is a serious problem and should not be taken lightly. Some home owners even think that the condensation is normal and ignore it completely. While single pane windows do have a problem like condensation, there should not be any condensation on any modern windows. If there is condensation on a modern window with more than one pane, there is usually a problem of some kind. We’ve outlined some of the issues you may have when you discover condensation on your home’s windows and what you can do about it below.

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The location of the condensation is important. Here are the different locations where condensation can be present and what it means: 


When you notice that your window has condensation on the inside, this is a sign that is typically no cause for alarm—it is very common to see. This condensation can develop when the weather outside is warm, causing moisture to build up as it comes into contact with the cold glass.

If your windows are newer and you notice condensation, this might actually be a great sign that you have an extra airtight seal. Damaging your window panes is always a concern because this is a harder problem to fix. If you have vinyl or fiberglass panes, it is very unlikely that the moisture will damage them as they do not retain moisture.

To prevent damaging wooden panes that you may have in your home, you can coat them with a waterproof sealant. If you do notice any condensation traveling down to your window panes, you can simply wipe it away to protect them from any future damage.


Window condensation on the outside can mean something different than the condensation being on the inside. While it is still normal to experience this depending on the climate you live in, you can usually just ignore it or wipe it away. This condensation is created when the outside air is warmer and more humid than the cooler indoor air.

In the same sense, you only need to really worry about wooden window panes. You can protect them in the same way as above, by placing a waterproof sealant on them to prevent any damage from occurring. Again, this condensation is not necessarily an indication of anything being wrong with your windows and does not usually need a fix.

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In Between

When you have a double-pane glass window and you notice condensation between the two, this is something to pay closer attention to. Typically, this means that there is a problem with your window because moist air has been trapped between the two glass panes.

Double-pane windows are tough, and they should be sealed very tightly so that absolutely no condensation is able to get in between them. While this problem might not lead to an immediate need for a repair, it is best to replace the entire window.

Sometimes, your problem can be fixed by getting a professional to fix the seal, but that isn’t always guaranteed to work. If you are ever unsure about what you should do, you can always contact your local contractor for advice and suggestions.

No matter what type of windows you have, if the condensation is starting to become a concern, it is always better to be safe than sorry—get it checked out if you feel that it can turn into a bigger problem in the future!

If you have concerns about your current home windows in Wyandotte Michigan be sure to call a contractor for an inspection and consultation. You can call All Point Construction at (734) 407-7110 for a free quote and consultation on new home windows or replacement windows.

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