Will You Need To Replace Foggy Windows in Downriver Michigan?

If you are noticing that your windows are getting foggy and doesn’t seem to go away when wiped, this is an indication of a much larger problem that could mean you need to get replacement windows in Downriver Michigan installed in your home. While it is annoying to have an obscured view, the reason behind the foggy glass and the consequences of them are far worse. Better understanding of why this happens along with what you can do about it is covered in the content below.

Will You Need To Replace Foggy Windows in Downriver Michigan?

Depending on the age of your windows, they may be under warranty. Windows sold today usually have a warranty attached and if your windows are foggy they could be completely free to be repaired. However, for older windows that are experiencing this problem usually means the windows are reaching the end of their useful life. Typically, when you start seeing this problem it will affect all the windows in the home about the same time. And although your windows may be foggy, we’ll try to ‘clear up’ some of the confusion about while this happens below:

Will You Need To Replace Foggy Windows in Downriver MI

What Causes Windows To Fog?

Much like the windows of your car, when the temperature inside is much different then the temperature outside it can cause the glass to fog with condensation. But the windows in your home should not be fogging if there is proper insulation and a functioning seal. If there is not enough insulation around your home windows, your windows have a much harder time keeping the interior and exterior temperatures separate. Depending on where you live as well, you may need to get double or triple pane windows as well to create a thicker barrier. Typically, here in Downriver Michigan, a minimum of double pane windows are used for better energy efficiency.

If your window’s seal is no longer secure, it allows air to get in and out, exposing your windows to the mingling temperatures. When the seal or barrier is compromised on your window, it allows condensation to form. This can mean moisture around the edges of your window, as well as a hazy appearance to your glass.

How Does It Affect My Home?

There are two major issues that come with foggy windows in your home. Firstly, foggy windows means that there is either a lack of seal or barrier. This means that the windows will have a much harder time keeping the internal and external temperatures from mingling. This is especially obvious in the colder months when temperatures are much warmer inside than out. The compromised windows means that you will need to spend more on heating and cooling your home to try to maintain the temperature inside.

The other major problem won’t be obvious at first, but can be incredibly difficult to fix. The condensation on your windows will sit around the frames until it is either wiped away or dries. This can lead to hours of moisture sitting on your windows. When you have porous windows like wood it can cause warping, rotting and mold. Mold is incredibly hard to get rid of once it starts, and can quickly spread to other parts of your home. Black mold is toxic and can lead to health problems for all inside including respiratory issues and allergies.

How Can I Fix The Problem?

You have two options when it comes to fixing the fogginess of your home windows. The first and best option is to replace the windows to gain a fresh seal and increase the insulation around it. This will prevent the problem from reoccurring later on.

If you do not have the money to replace your windows you can also have a professional defog them. Defogging includes a technician drilling into your windows to release the moisture inside and then filling them with a solution and sealant to prevent fogging from occurring. But this will not fix the underlying issue of what caused the fogging to begin with.

You’ll also want to have a fully qualified window contractor in Downriver Michigan inspect, repair, or replace the damaged windows. Be sure to contact All Point Construction today at (734) 407-7110 and discuss your options.

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