Pesky Brown Spots on Your Ceiling: How Water Damage in Ann Arbor Michigan Occurs

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No matter the reasoning for working on your roof, it’s important that you take close care for your roof, and continue to do so over time. The problem with roofs is that you often can’t see where you have problems until it’s apparent inside of your home. This is commonly the case once you spot those pesky brown stains on your ceiling, commonly known as water spots. These stains may not seem like much of a problem at first, but you may quickly realize that you’ll need to hire a roofer in Ann Arbor Michigan as soon as possible or you’ll be faced with all sorts of problems. We’ll include some of the more common reasons why you may see these stains and water spots on your home’s ceiling below.

Pesky Brown Spots on Your Ceiling: How Water Damage in Ann Arbor Michigan Occurs

When you have a roof leak the water enters your home and when it does almost everything it touches is damaged. The extent of the damage will depend on how long the leak is left without repair and the materials being damaged. However, getting your roof repaired quickly can prevent much of this damage. Here are some of the reasons behind those gross brown stains we all know and hate. There could be more to their story besides just a failure in the roof system.

Pesky Brown Spots on Your Ceiling: How Water Damage in Ann Arbor Michigan Occurs

  1. Roof Flashing Problems – Your roofing flashing is the metal pieces that are used to join two areas of your roof together. These metal strips that are used help to keep water from seeping into your roof at these joints. These pieces are important to keep in great condition as your roof is more prone to leaking in these spots. If your flashing is compromised, you’ll see leaking in your roof and likely along your walls as well.
  2. Damaged Waterproof Membrane – A commercial roof typically has a waterproof layer called the membrane. If there is any damage to the membrane, that waterproof barrier is broken and your roof is susceptible to water damage and excessive moisture. Damage can occur to the membrane due to weather, animal damage, or really anything that would normally affect a roof.
  3. HVAC Units – Issues with your HVAC unit can cause you to have stains in your ceilings as leaks and water condensation can damage your building. If the area surrounding your HVAC isn’t properly insulated, you could run the risk of having those condensation issues that can leak down into your ceiling and walls. There could be an actual leak in your system itself, causing the damages you see. If your unit is on top of your roof in a commercial setting, any leaks from the unit itself could result in roof damage if there is not the proper drainage system in place for such events as these.
  4. Skylights or Vents – Commercial buildings more commonly have added elements in their roofs such as vents, skylights, or other structures that can be the source for water seeping into your structure. The roofing materials should have been installed and made to fit tightly around these elements and sealed to prevent leaks, but sometimes that isn’t the case, or the seals become old and are neglected. When this happens, the area is no longer waterproofed and water can get into the building.
  5. Pipe Leaks – There’s always a chance that the water stains in your home aren’t due to an issue with your roof at all (which could really come as a sigh of relief). They could be caused by leaking pipes – which would harbor their own host of complications and costs to repair, but it could still be easier than dealing with a roof repair or replacement. These leaks could have been occurring over time, though, so you will need to thoroughly inspect for significant damage.

Watch for Mold

If you notice these water stains, but they have a yellow or green tint to them, you could be facing a mold problem as well. As mold grows, it becomes more dangerous and will get even darker. You’ll want to address any potential mold problems as soon as possible for the safety of anyone in your home or building. If you have any of these problems in your home be sure to call qualified roofing contractor such as A2 Roofing in Ann Arbor Michigan. They offer free quotes and professional roof repair service. Call them at 734-548-9915 for more details.

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