5 Roof Factors to Consider Before Signing a Roofing Contract in Canton Michigan

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So you’ve decided that a new roof is needed for your home. Maybe the roof has reached an age where repairs simply aren’t worth it anymore or damage has occurred which requires a new roof to be installed. No matter the reason, when it comes to getting a new roof installed on your Canton Michigan home there are some things you’ll want to consider before signing that roofing contract. Here are 5 points you’ll want to discuss with your roofing contractor before you decide to sign a roofing contract for a new roof installation on your home.

5 Roof Factors to Consider Before Signing a Roofing Contract in Canton Michigan

Many of the following points will be important if you’re getting a new roof installed on your home or if you’re just getting roof repairs. Having a roofing contractor that will go over these points with you is also worth noting as many lower quality contractors will simply dodge these concerns and pressure you to sign. Don’t fall into a high pressured sales tactic that requires you to sign up right away. And making sure your contractor is fully licensed and insured is a must, no matter what type of roofing service is being offered. All of the following concerns also should be listed on the roof contract as well which is extremely important.

5 Roof Factors to Consider Before Signing a Roofing Contract in Canton Michigan

Roofing Materials to be Used on the Project

Today, there are many different types, brands, and designs for roofing materials. One of the most commonly used roofing material is asphalt shingle roofing. And even then, there are many different types and qualities you can choose for your home. Make sure the roofing contract has the brand, style, design, and more specifically the model of the shingle you choose. You can check the design number or name at the manufacturers website such as GAF or Owens Corning. If not, you may get a lower quality roofing with a lesser warranty on the completed roof.

Time Frame of Entire Project

Weather can play a huge role in the time frame needed for your roof replacement. Colder weather usually means your roof may need to be postponed until a later date. While this can be a common occurrence, it should be noted on the roof contract. You certainly don’t want a contractor who takes your deposit only to wait months and months before starting the project. You’ll also need to have the time frame of the project as well. Some roof contractors will attempt to start as many jobs as possible to ‘lock-in’ the home owner. While completing the project at a later date when they have a lull in their schedule.

Not So Common Roofing Situations and Additional Services

Having a roof installed by a fully qualified roofing contractor can help give your home protection from the elements. However, it’s not just getting a roof installed during the project. There will be debris that will be needed to be removed when the project is complete. Protective components to prevent damage to your home during the project and more. Make sure the roof contract includes the entire project from start to finish or else these could end up being additional charges on the final project.

Method of Roof Replacement

There are two main types of roof replacement. The difference in the two is what is done with the old roof. For a re-roof project the old roof is left in place and a new roof is added. For a tear off application the old roofing materials are removed which makes this method more labor intensive and expensive. Make sure the method of roof replacement is clearly defined on the roof contract.

Warranty on the Roof When Complete

Protecting your home today and tomorrow when you get a warranty on the new roof. Many roofing material manufacturers give warranties on their products. Make sure these warranties are listed on the roof contract. Plus, any guarantee of workmanship of the roofing contractor as well should be listed on the roof contract.

Start Today By Getting  a Quote on New Roofing

Start your project by getting a new roof quote in Canton Michigan by Tittle Brothers Construction. They offer free quotes and can replace your roof in as little as one day. Call today for more details and to discuss the points above about your roofing project in Canton Michigan.

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