5 Warning Signs That A Siding Replacement in Ann Arbor Michigan Is Due Soon

5 Warning Signs That A Siding Replacement in Ann Arbor Michigan Is Due Soon

The siding of your home plays a huge role in keeping rain, insects, and other types of damaging aspects away from your home. Whenever a problem occurs however, you could find yourself stuck, not knowing if your siding in Ann Arbor Michigan needs to be replaced or not. While it’s important to know the signs of siding that’s beginning to fail, it’s even more important that you know the signs so that you can have it replaced before more damage begins to happen to your home’s foundation.

5 Warning Signs That A Siding Replacement in Ann Arbor Michigan Is Due Soon

There comes a time where you’ll find damage happening on your home’s siding, when that time comes it’s important to know when you should replace it. Warning signs can appear that can tell you your siding is due for a replacement, but sometimes damages will get excessive and make siding replacement a must. If your home’s siding is facing any of these problems, don’t wait around to have your siding replaced, this will only create more damage, which could cost you more money in the future. Here are the top 5 warning signs that your siding may need to be replaced.

Siding Damage Ann Arbor MI

Your Energy Bill Has Increased Lately

This doesn’t always mean your siding is at fault, however it can give you a better idea that your siding does in fact have damage done to it. Whenever your siding becomes old aged or has damage to it, the insulating factors will begin decaying. This means heat transfer will happen more often, leading to high energy bills. So if your energy bill has increased lately, then you’ll want to consider having your siding replaced if it’s old, if it’s newer then it could be the result of a bad installation job.

Your Siding Has Holes In It

If you inspect your home’s siding and notice holes around it, typically more than just a few, then you could have a problem with insects and animals. Insects and animals will try and get into your siding to reach your home’s foundation, that’s when they’ll begin chewing and causing your foundation to get weak over time. This is a serious concern and issue that needs to be addressed quickly, as an unsturdy foundation can be extremely dangerous and the worse that it gets, the more expensive it can get. Be sure to call a professional to inspect your home’s foundation for any weak spots that’s potentially been chewed out by animals and insects such as thermites.

Cracks In Your Siding

If you have a siding such as vinyl siding and notice cracks in it, then you need a siding replacement done. Cracks in your siding will result in water leaking into your home’s exterior and causing water damage to happen. Just like insects going into your home’s siding, things like rot will definitely begin eating away at your home’s exterior, so be sure to have your siding replaced as soon as you notice cracks in your home’s siding.

Dents In Your Aluminum Siding

Aluminum siding is a great siding, however it can have its flaws. One thing that can determine if your siding needs to be replaced is if it has dents along the siding. When we say dents, we’re referring to if a large piece of debris has hit your aluminum siding and caused a big dent in it. If there’s any dents, you’ll want to have your siding replaced.

Siding Looks Old And Faded

Siding can become old and look a bit faded, this can happen to some sidings where you keep up with maintenance and inspections but it always begins to look bad again. This could just be the result in old age, so a new siding could fix this problem completely by giving you more options on boosting your curb appeal and protecting your home.

When problems begin to occur with your home’s siding, you should never hesitate to call a professional and have it replaced. Damaged siding can cause a lot of trouble to your home, this can put your home in risk of foundation problems and other issues that can occur. Be sure to hire a professional siding expert like Ann Arbor Remodeling Contractor if you decide that it’s time for your home’s siding needs to be replaced. Call them today for a free quote at (734) 619-1271.

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