5 Myths About Replacement Windows in Downriver Michigan Debunked

If you’re passionate about home improvement, then you probably know the benefits of replacing your old windows with new modern ones. But, even the most passionate homeowner could still fall for common myths about replacement windows. That’s why we’ve debunked the following five most popular myths about replacement windows in Downriver Michigan

5 Myths About Replacement Windows in Downriver Michigan Debunked

There are many advantages of getting replacement windows installed in your Downriver Michigan home. They can increase the energy efficiency of your home as well as the overall value and curb appeal of your home. There are also things that many people never consider such as the safety aspect of getting new replacement windows. One of the best home improvement projects you can do that will increase all of these things is getting replacement windows in your home. In fact, getting replacement windows are one of the best projects you can do to your home in terms of getting a return on your home improvement investment.

5 Myths About Replacement Windows in Downriver Michigan Debunked

  1. Outdated Windows are Okay to Have

If you live in an older home in Downriver Michigan, then you might think that your outdated windows are okay to have. While outdated windows can definitely contribute to a design aesthetic and the overall charm of your older home, they aren’t beneficial to your home’s overall strength and durability.

In reality, outdated windows can actually cause more damage than benefits to your home. For example, since outdated windows aren’t usually built with modern technology and techniques, they aren’t equipped to withstand inclement weather and other elements. Also, natural age deterioration can make your home more susceptible to damages than it should be.

  1. You Can Replace Your Windows Yourself

Often, window replacements seem daunting and expensive. This leads homeowners to attempt to replace their windows themselves. While replacing your windows might seem like a simple and cheap DIY project, it’s harder than it seems.

Unless you’re a trained professional contractor, replacing your windows yourself is a bad idea. In order to adequately replace your windows, you need to have the right materials, equipment, skills, and experience. If you don’t have the adequate experience and materials to replace your windows, you pose the risk hurting yourself or others after replacing your windows. Also, while it might initially be cheaper to replace your windows yourself, there’s a high chance you will need to hire a contractor in the long run. Therefore, it will ultimately be more expensive if you replace your windows yourself.

  1. You Should Only Care About Energy Star Certification

When you’re shopping for replacement windows, you will most likely notice that all reputable replacement windows have an Energy Star certification. This certification ensures the windows are adequately built with enough technology to make it energy efficient and durable.

While Energy Star certification is important, it’s also important to look for other important labels, such as the U-factor number. The U-factor number gives you a scope of how much insulation the windows will provide, which ultimately means how effective it will be at keeping air outside of your home.

  1. Double Pane and Triple Pane Windows are Essentially the Same

Sure, there are a variety of double pane windows that have superior quality, which means they are almost as good as triple pane windows. But the reality is, double pane and triple pane windows are very different. Triple pane windows are more expensive for a reason. After all, triple pane windows include an extra pain, which ensures maximum energy efficiency and resilience. This ultimately limits the chances of any excess air or outside elements infiltrating your home.

  1. Any Contractor Can Do Your Window Replacement

In theory, it’s true that any contractor could do your replacement windows. But in reality, contractors who specialize in replacement windows are the best contractors for the job. This is because window replacement contractors have devoted their careers to replacing windows. So, they know the best materials and techniques to use when replacing windows.

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