5 Home Window Maintenance Tips in Taylor Michigan You Need to Know

Window Maintenance Michigan

While you should hire a professional window contractor in Taylor Michigan to maintain your windows every now and then, it’s important to know little ways you can maintain your home windows throughout the year. Keeping your windows in good working order can reduce your energy costs, make your home’s value go up, and keep you warmer during the cold winter months. We’ve listed some of the best window maintenance tips to allow you to make sure your home windows last a long time and keep your home protected. Check out our list of five home window maintenance tips you need to know in this article. 

5 Home Window Maintenance Tips in Taylor Michigan You Need to Know

The windows in your home have many different functions. The main function is to allow light from the outside to enter the home. They can also be a way to escape in case of emergency, a better way to insulate your home, plus, a way to increase the value of your home. Making sure your home windows are performing as they should and allowing these functions is important. If you can’t open your home windows or they are painted shut, they will not make a safe way to exit the home in case of an emergency. Making sure your windows are performing as they should means you’ll need to take the following maintenance steps:

5 Home Window Maintenance Tips in Taylor Michigan You Need to Know

  1. Maintain Weather Stripping

Weather stripping is one of the most important elements of your windows. Essentially, weather stripping ensures your window panes are sealed tight, so no air, rain, or other elements can seep into your windows. In other words, your weather stripping makes sure your windows are as durable and energy efficient as possible.

In order to adequately maintain your weather stripping, make sure it isn’t cracked or dry. Also make sure you have weather stripping on all of your window panes. If not, call your local contractor.

  1. Replace Caulking

Like weather stripping, caulking acts as a protective barrier between the outside elements and the inside of your home. Caulking can be found in all the spaces in your windows, as well as along bricks and siding. Like most home elements, caulking eventually deteriorates.

That being said, check caulking similar as you check your weather stripping. While you can always replace your caulking yourself, a professional can not only check on the state of your caulking, but also other areas where your windows might need help.

  1. Make Sure the Exterior and Interior are Clean

Although it might just look like a scratch or some dirt on your windows, you should always aim to clean your windows instead of just letting the dirt or debris sit there. Cleaning your home windows is actually easier than it seems.

All you need to adequately clean your windows is a simple solution of water, soap, and window cleaner. Then, start cleaning at the top and work your way to the bottom. After cleaning, make sure you remove any excess cleaner. In order to make sure your windows are as clean as possible, do this on the inside and outside of your windows.

  1. Look for Leakage

This is especially important to do after inclement weather, such as severe rain or snow. Every once in a while, it’s important to check the perimeter of your home windows for any excess moisture. If you find any moisture, it’s important to clean it as soon as possible because excess moisture can lead to leaking, rotted wood, mold, or other forms of water damage.

  1. Ensure Window Hardware is Working Properly

Aside from durability and resilience, it’s important to ensure your window hardware is working properly. In other words, simply make sure your windows can easily open, close, lock, and unlock without any problems. If you have any trouble doing any of these actions, then you should call a local contractor to check on the condition of your windows because it can be an indicator of deterioration. In addition to damages, inadequate window hardware is a safety hazard. So, be sure to fix it as soon as possible.

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