Top Signs You Need Replacement Windows in Southgate Michigan

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Have you noticed your home’s windows lately? Windows in a home are much like other components that seem to always be out of sight and out of mind. They perform a duty which is to give you access to the outside without letting the outside in. Today’s windows are very energy efficient and can provide added protections such as noise reduction and UV ray protection. So if you haven’t given your home’s windows much thought lately, it may be time to take a look and see if they need replacing. In this article I’ll go over some of the top signs you need replacement windows in Southgate Michigan and how upgrading your windows can make your home worth more. 

Top Signs You Need Replacement Windows in Southgate Michigan

Unlike other components such as roofing the windows in your home can be in much worse shape than you may realize. Since most of the changes that take place when a window starts to fail aren’t that apparent it’s always best to determine the age of the window and then go from there. Windows that were made just 20 years ago don’t have the energy efficiency that today’s replacement windows have and can be allowing the heat in your home to escape to the outside. Of course, windows that are broken can be apparent checking to see if a draft is happening usually isn’t that obvious. Using a match around the window be sure to examine the smoke from the match to determine air movement. You may notice air moving in and out which is clearly a bad sign.

Top Signs You Need Replacement Windows in Southgate Michigan

Their Performance Has Faded

A drafty window means that performance has faded with the window. As the performance of the window fades so will it’s energy efficiency. And if the entire home has windows installed at the same time then chances are all the windows in your home are starting to fail and allow heat and cool to exit the home. This is known as the insulation factor of the window. As the window gets older it’s insulation factor lessens which can cost more and more for heating and cooling the home. Always check the windows to see if they are performing as they should.

Their Appearance is Not That Great

Another sign that you need replacement windows is they simply don’t look that great. Many home owners will replace the windows in their homes because of the boost to the home’s value. You can have great looking windows installed in your home while also increasing the energy efficiency of the home which can certainly make it worth more.

High Maintenance Needs

Wooden windows look great in a home. They are warm and inviting and certainly can be a focal point of the home. However, many times wooden windows can require a lot of maintenance when compared to other types of windows. If you’re looking for lower maintenance windows which provide the look and feel of wood then consider vinyl replacement windows that have a wooden finish. This can lower the maintenance needs of your home’s windows as well as give it a wooden window look and feel.

Windows Are Difficult to Operate

A big problem with many windows that people fail to realize is that they may need them in an emergency. If a fire breaks out in your home and you need to escape by using a window, does it open and operate properly? Does it stay open if needed? Windows that are painted shut and don’t operate properly can be a huge safety risk and need to be replaced. Alternatively, you’ll need the windows to lock properly as well keeping others out of your home.

They Aren’t Energy Efficient

As I mentioned in many of the tips above getting replacement windows in Southgate Michigan can make your home much more energy efficient. Every window that is sold today has an energy efficiency rating on them so you can determine just how energy efficient they are. Choosing higher energy efficient windows for your home can give you a much cheaper energy bill. And over time those savings can really add up.

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