How Important Is Gutter Maintenance to Prevent Roof Damage in Ann Arbor Michigan?

How Important Is Gutter Maintenance to Prevent Roof Damage in Ann Arbor Michigan?

Gutters are prone to getting clogged up, and many homeowners will neglect cleaning out their gutters when they’re clogged up. But gutters do a lot for your roof and home, so neglecting maintenance can cause serious problems to them. If you really think about it, gutters are keeping all of the water for years and years away from the structure of your home. If your gutters are damaged having a roofing contractor in Ann Arbor Michigan come out to make repairs can help to prevent damage to your home.

How Important Is Gutter Maintenance to Prevent Roof Damage in Ann Arbor Michigan?

If you just leave your gutters clogged, then that could easily hurt you, literally. Clogged gutters can cause water buildups and that could cause your homes structure to fail. That usually happens when it’s too late to notice. So next time you think to yourself that it can wait a few more days, then think about the future after that and then make that decision. Today we’ll go over a list of things that could happen if you don’t clean out your gutters.

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Animals And Critters

Animals can cause some issues with your gutters, squirrels are prone to leaving debris in your downspouts, backing up the flow of water from your roof. Birds also nest in gutters which can cause it to clog up. Keeping your gutters maintained properly will ensure your gutters won’t get clogged up due to debris from animals, so check regularly.

Bugs And Pests

Bugs are just like animals, they’ll build up nests in your gutters which can also attract more rodents. Bugs can be very annoying and hard to get rid of without a proper exterminator. Mosquitos can also be attracted to water since your gutters are clogged up. They can cause irritating bites and annoy you. Certain bugs are able to leave painful bites to you, they’re able to carry diseases in some cases as well, which puts you at a health risk. So if you find a vast amount of bugs around your home and gutters, then you should hire a local exterminator to get rid of them to ensure the safety of your home and you.

Rotting Wood And Water Damage

When your gutters become clogged up, they can start pouring water around your house and on the side of your house. This can cause a huge problem with your homes structure as every time water starts falling, it can rot away wood on your homes structure and also flood your basement if it gets through. When the water runs down your home, it can cause a few other issues including mold, mildew, and fungus to start growing which is a pain to get rid of. If you neglect your gutters, then the wooden beams holding your homes structure together can start to rot and fail in the future if it’s left untreated for awhile.

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Cracking Foundation

When your gutters become clogged up and start overflowing, they start to fall to your homes foundation. If the water does seep through, depending on the weather, it can freeze. This is a huge issue as it can easily expand and start cracking due to the frozen water. If your foundation gets messed up in this way, it can set you back a lot. Repairs to your foundation can be very costly as it will have to be done, if it’s not then your home will be unsteady.

Damaged Roof

Roofs can also be easily damaged by clogged gutters, causing pools of waters to remain on your roof. This can cause your shingles to become water damaged and start to leak inside of your home. If your roofing material is made up of tile then it can rot over time to leave you with a roof that needs to be repaired to keep the safety abroad for you and your home. Gutters are made to redirect water away from your home, but if it can do that, then it will linger on and cause more damage.


We all get lazy and procrastinate sometimes, we don’t always feel like maintaining our gutters. Whether that’s because it’s cold, hot, or just not a good day to work, it needs to be done. Putting off maintenance can cause serious damage to your home. It’s very important to ensure your gutters are properly functioning so these problems don’t occur. Getting your gutters inspected regularly by a qualified roofer such as Ann Arbor Remodeling Contractor can also help with knowing if they’re failing or not, so with that being said, don’t neglect the maintenance of your gutters and keep them at tiptop shape.

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