Remodeling Your Bathroom in MI? Let Us Help You with Common Mistakes

5 Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes to Avoid

Remodeling a bathroom is a huge step in home remodeling. In fact, other than the kitchen the bathroom is one of the most remodeled rooms and also one of the more expensive ones. For home owners attempting to remodel their own bathrooms there are some common mistakes that you’ll need to avoid. In this article I’ll discuss 5 mistakes that most home owners make when remodeling their bathrooms. 

Avoid These Bathroom Mistakes When Doing Home Remodeling in Michigan!

Getting a new bathroom in your home can be amazing. Updated fixtures and different flooring and walls can make it spectacular. Unfortunately, this amazing looking bathroom doesn’t come without some problem areas. Knowing what to avoid and how to better plan your bathroom remodel can save you money and lots of time as well. The following mistakes are not listed in any particular order and they all should be looked over before starting a bathroom remodel in your home.

Use the Right Budget for Your Project

Two of the most expensive rooms in the home to remodel are the bathroom and kitchen. Mainly because of so much stuff packed into such a small space. When you’re planning a bathroom remodel make sure you have enough in the budget to complete it. You also need some contingency funds as well just in case something goes wrong. Getting half way through the project and running out of funds can be a disaster, so be sure to have enough budget to cover the complete job.

Planning is Key – Give Yourself Some Space

Most bathrooms are small. There isn’t much room to spare in some of them and you’ll need to consider this when doing your bathroom bathroom remodel. If you plan on adding a larger vanity, elongated toilet, or larger shower make sure you have the room to do so. It’s best to try and outline the fixtures on the floor and decide or try to make a scale model if you can. Give yourself plenty of room to move about in the bathroom and you’ll be much happier with it later.


Don’t Forget About Storage in Your Bathroom

Having an area to store bathroom supplies, towels, and such is a must. You’ll need not only shelves or a closet but an area to store a hamper or other items that will be added later. Usually under vanity cabinets work well but if you have small children you’ll want to have a place that is higher to store cleaning supplies to keep them out of reach. Also have enough area to store dirty clothes hamper as well as any additional items you may need in the bathroom such as extra shampoo, toothpaste, etc…

Having an area to store bathroom supplies, towels, and such is a must.
You’ll need not only shelves or a closet but an area to store a
hamper or other items that will be added later.

Use the Right Materials for Your Bathroom

Bathrooms can be a very damp place. And if you use a material in your bathroom remodel that can’t stand up to constant heat and moisture then you’re going to have problems. Using the wrong materials can cause moisture to build behind the walls or floors and that could cause a mold problem. Once you start getting mold you’ll need to get a restoration company to remove the mold such as Downriver Restoration. You’ll also need to replace these materials as they will soon fail in that environment. Check the material and make sure you can use it in the bathroom first.

You Can’t Just Learn Plumbing

Lots of home owners think that doing plumbing work is simple and they can just wing it when the time comes to install new plumbing fixtures. While most plumbing is easy there are some key elements that can happen and may seem right at the time but could be totally wrong. Recently, a Downriver plumber was investigating a bad smell from a bathroom and it turns out raw sewage was venting back from the bathroom sink because a vent was not installed. This common mistake costs the home owner because the wall need to be removed and a vent added.

If you’re not certain you can perform the bathroom remodel on your own it’s best to hire a home improvement contractor to complete it for you. This way you can avoid many of the mistakes that plague so many home owners and you’ll be sure to get  a job done right.

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