Things You Look for When You Need a Roofing Contractor in Novi Michigan

There are many different roofing companies that you can choose from today. And while it’s great to have competition between these companies it can also be a disaster waiting to happen. Choosing the wrong roofing contractor for your home roofing project can quickly become a costly disaster if you choose wrong. Make sure you look for these things I’ve included in this post to choose the perfect roof contractor in Novi MI for your roofing repair or replacement. 

Things You Look for When You Need a Roofing Contractor in Novi Michigan

The roof on your home is very important. Not just from it’s primary function but what can happen when things aren’t done correctly on the roof. A small problem on your roof can turn into thousands of dollars worth of damages to the interior of your home. A roof leak that develops can quickly damage walls and ceilings and anything else in the water’s path. Making sure your roof is done correctly the first time is a must and I’ve included some tips that can help you choose the right roof contractor for your Novi Michigan home.

Things You Look for When You Need a Roofing Contractor in Novi Michigan

Always Choose a Reliable Contractor

The roofing contractor that you hire for your home should be extremely reliable. A big problem with many contractors is that they start a project and it can take days before they get back to it. This happens a lot during peak seasons when contractors are trying to get as many projects started as possible. While it can be great for the contractor it’s not so good for the home owner. Having your roof exposed for days on end is not good and can cause problems if it rains. Talk with your contractor about the start and finish times for the project and make sure you use a reliable contractor that can do the project from start to finish in the time frame that is promised. Some contractors will also have clauses in the roofing contract about time frames of the project.

Make Sure Your Roofing Contractor is Fully Licensed and Insured

Having a roofing contractor that isn’t properly licensed and insured can open you up to all sorts of problems. If an accident occurs it can quickly become a disaster and the liability may fall onto your shoulders. Also, having a roofing contractor that isn’t properly qualified to install or repair your roofing may void the warranty on the roof. Having a 50 year warranty that becomes void simply because the roofing contractor didn’t install it correctly means you’ll need to have the roof installation done again which will cost more. Always use properly licensed and insured roofing contractors on any roofing project you need to have done.

Does the Roofing Contractor Service Your Roofing Type?

Although asphalt shingle roofing is the most common type of roofing in use today it’s certainly not the only type. Metal roofing and rubber roofing have also become very popular over the past decade. Whatever type of roof you have installed make sure the roofing contractor that you use is experienced in that particular roofing system. You certainly don’t want someone without experience to work on your roof and basically experiment to see if they can work on it. Trust me, you don’t want your home to become their guinea pig. Hire an experienced roofer that has experience with your roofing type and materials.

Check Reviews Online for the Roofing Contractor

Another great resource we have today that can help us choose a contractor is by checking online reviews. Today, you can go online at many sites including Facebook and Google and look at what others have said about the roofing contractor you want to use. It’s always best to keep an open mind when reading reviews and look at some of the comments as well. Checking online reviews can help you better understand about the customer service of a contractor as well.


Get an Estimate First

Before starting or committing to any roofing project on your home it’s always best to first get an estimate on the project. Most roofing contractors will offer free estimates for roof replacement. One of the recommended roofing contractors in Novi Michigan is Roof Rite. Roof Rite offers free estimates on roofing projects. Learn more about their services and set up an appointment for a free estimate by calling (248) 668-9151


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