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Home Improvement Projects in Southern Michigan That Increase Your Home’s Value

Home Improvement in Michigan

With summer fast approaching it seems like everyone is getting the home improvement bug and wanting a better, upgraded home this year. Doing home improvement projects on your home can almost always raise the value of the home. But they aren’t always affordable. I’ve compiled a list of home improvement projects that you can do on your home to help increase it’s value but also kept the list to projects that typically cost much less than regular home remodeling projects. Most are less than $2000 total for the project. Of course you’ll need to speak with a home improvement contractor in Michigan to get an estimate for the work. 

Home Improvement Projects in Southern Michigan That Increase Your Home’s Value

As I mentioned above almost all home improvement projects can increase the value of your home. However, they can increase it in different ways. Increasing the curb appeal of your home can increase it’s value but it’s mainly aesthetic. Whereas upgrading your home’s HVAC system to a more energy efficient model can increase the home’s value but it doesn’t have anything to do with how the home looks or it’s curb appeal. Most of the home improvement projects listed here will increase the curb appeal of your home.

Change the Entry Door to Your Home

Changing the entry door of your home can have a huge impact on the curb appeal of your home. If your home doesn’t have a large window or other focal point on the front of the home this can help tremendously. Typically, a new entry door can be installed in one or two days and depending on the model of door you get it can cost less than $2,000 installed. If you want to use your current entry door then consider painting it or upgrading storm doors as well. Changing your entry door can also help your home be more energy efficient as well.

Get Professional Landscaping Added

Another overlooked item that can tremendously upgrade your home’s curb appeal is the landscaping. But not just any landscaping such as mowing the grass and trimming the shrubs but actually getting a professional landscaper to lay out your front lawn with flowers, shrubs, trees, etc… A home with great landscaping can be much more welcoming and give a warmth that really helps the home’s value increase when showing. Some landscaping companies in Michigan will allow for year round maintenance of the lawn as well so you can set up the entire year in just a few days.

Home Improvement Projects in Southern Michigan That Increase Your Home's Value

Add Molding to Your Home

Exquisite details in the home can make it more appealing. One of the ways you can upgrade rooms in the home without removing walls and changing things around a lot is to add molding to those rooms. This is especially true for areas such as foyers, entry hallways, etc… where guests will usually see. Molding can come in many different sizes, patterns, and even materials. Choosing a molding that fits your budget is a great way to add some value to your home while not breaking your bank. Depending on the amount of molding and the room details most molding projects take less than 3 days unless an entire home is been upgraded.

Install a Patio or Deck

With summer fast approaching adding a patio or deck to your home will not only help you enjoy some time outside this summer but it can also increase your home’s value. Although raised decks may cost a bit more depending on size and materials, a ground level patio is inexpensive and can be installed in a few days. Decks can take longer depending on size and a few other details.

Upgrade Your Garage Door

If you have a garage door that is prominent on your home be sure to consider upgrading the garage door or at least have it painted. Upgrading the garage door is typically done in a day or two depending on model. It’s also not very expensive considering how much it can raise the value of your home.

Always Use a Professional Home Improvement Contractor for Projects

I hope these home improvement projects can give you an idea of just what you can do to increase the value of your home. Of course, most of these projects are not do it yourself projects. Doing these projects yourself may actually bring your home’s value down. That’s why it’s so important to always use a professional home improvement contractor in southern Michigan to handle your home improvement projects.

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