Don’t Overlook Lighting in Your Kitchen Remodel Project

Don't Overlook Lighting in Your Kitchen Remodel Project

Home improvement projects usually start in the kitchen. After all, it’s one of the most important rooms in the home. And it’s likely the place where most of the work in the home gets done as well. Many home improvement projects that are aimed at making a better kitchen usually include things that are made to make the kitchen more functional and easier to use. Although making the kitchen look great is also a goal. Unfortunately, many times key features are overlooked especially when a home owner does the work their selves. One of these features is the lighting that will go into the kitchen. In this guide I’ll help you better understand kitchen lighting and why it’s needed so much.

Don’t Overlook Lighting in Your Kitchen Remodel Project

For a home improvement project to be successful it must do two things. The first one is make it easier for the home owner to do their tasks in that area. This could be moving a refrigerator six inches closer to the sink so that when you’re cooking you don’t need to go as far to get items out of the refrigerator. The second is to make it more beautiful. Replacing old cabinets with new ones can make a kitchen really come to life and look amazing. The best of both worlds is when you combine the two and are left with an amazing looking kitchen that is more functional. During this process however, it’s important to consider things like lighting.

Consider the Current Lighting in the Kitchen

If you’re ready to start on a kitchen remodel project then you’ll first need to consider the current lighting that is already in place in the kitchen. For many kitchens there may be recessed lighting already in place that can’t be altered much. For external fixtures you may be able to use those to add new fixtures with more lighting capabilities. For instance, if your current fixture only supports a single light bulb then consider upgrading it to a newer fixture that provides more bulbs or a track lighting system. Simple home improvement projects in the kitchen where the ceilings are not replaced can make this a challenge when cabinets are being added.

Kitchen Remodel Lighting Project

Lighting the Counter Top and  Adding Under Cabinet Lights

The counter top in a kitchen is where food is prepared and most of the work in the kitchen is performed. Because of this you’ll want all the counter tops to have plenty of lighting. Try to imagine where the light will be coming from in the kitchen and also where people will be standing. For instance, don’t place a light behind where a person will be standing with their back to the light. The shadow cast will cause lighting problems on the counter top. It may seem like a non issue but this can be extremely frustrating over time.

One quick way to add lighting to the counter tops and under cabinets is by using lights designed to go under the cabinets. It’s a great way to add lighting to areas that are cast in shadows. It also means you won’t need to add any more fixtures to the ceiling as the light from the under cabinet lights should be enough to light the counter top sufficiently. You can also add a window to bring in some outdoor light as well.

Is the Kitchen Triangle Completely Lit?

One area in the kitchen that is most important is the kitchen triangle. This is the area of the kitchen that is between the refrigerator, stove, and sink. It’s usually the most important area because it’s most used and where most of the traffic in the kitchen is at. This area needs to be completely lighted since it’s where most of the work will be performed in the kitchen.

Adding More Lights and Hiring a Contractor to Complete the Project

Sometimes adding lights to a kitchen needs to be done by a home improvement contractor. Because electrical wiring must be run if you’re installing more lights or under cabinet lights it’s usually a good idea to talk with a home improvement contractor and let them help you. You also may need to get an electrical contractor in order to pass building inspections on the completed project. Even if you do the job yourself you still may need this inspection.


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