When is the Best Time to Schedule Roof Repair in Ann Arbor, Michigan?

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In Ann Arbor, Michigan the most trusted local roofing teams are always pretty well booked throughout the year, but a good roofer always keeps a little time available for emergencies, storm repairs, and new customers. Whether you’re looking for a new roofer after a not-so-perfect previous experience or you’re new to Ann Arbor, roofing is a big deal around here. With heavy snows, legendary seasonal storms, and unbelievably beautiful summers, our roofs go through a lot. And timing plays a big part in when to get roof repairs for your home.

Roof repairs in Ann Arbor range from maintenance scheduled months in advance to the usual waves of emergency post-storm repairs when some homes are hit harder than others. Whether you’re planning for the long-term or considering how to schedule a last-minute repair, there’s always a best timing for your roof repairs.

Today, we’ve got all the answers on the best time to schedule whatever Ann Arbor roof repairs your home might need.

Time of Year

Living in an incredibly seasonal region is absolutely beautiful from the glittering summers to the changing leaves to the pristine layers of snow every winter. But it also means that there is a finite optimal window for roofing.

When is the Best Time to Schedule Roof Repair in Ann Arbor, Michigan?

Summer is the Best Season for Roof Repairs

The best time to schedule a roof repair in Ann Arbor is during the summer when the weather is warm and clear and as reliably dry as it gets around here. Of course, for this reason, summer is also the busiest possible season to book a last-minute service. Most forward-thinking homeowner schedule their big roofing projects during this time including dozens of complete roof reinstallations every year.

New customers and emergency repairs will find themselves penciled in between roofing services scheduled months in advance and possibly paying rush-season prices. So while summer is the best time for roofing, it might not be the best roofing repair time for you.

Better Deals During the Iffy Off-Seasons

If you’re not in a hurry and looking to save a dollar, you can book roofing services more easily during the late spring and early fall. In Ann Arbor, these times are still warm enough for roofing, but the weather is less reliable. Roofers sometimes offer discounts for scheduling your future roofing repairs for these seasonal zones, as long as you’re chill about the idea that your schedule might be pushed back a weekend due to season-changing weather.

It’s also worth mentioning that waiting too late into the fall can be dangerous, as our seasonal storms seem to come a little earlier each year and any real damage to your roof needs to be fixed up before the first driving rain or autumn hailstorm blows through. Roofers will be glad to work with you to find that just-right zone when they aren’t fully booked but your roof isn’t yet in seasonal peril.

Michigan Winter is the Emergencies-Only Zone

Of course, you should make sure that whatever Ann Arbor roof repairs you have planned take place before the first major snowfall. One the first blanket of snow covers your roof, all of Michigan enters the emergencies-only roof repair policy. To roof in the winter, your roofers need a special roofing adhesive which is not considered ideal for your roof unless there is no other choice to help your roof last through the winter. Shingles are also more brittle and prone to breaking when installed in the harsh Michigan winter cold.

Just as summer roofing may face rush prices, winter roofing may also come with additional fees as roofers have to take special care to keep themselves warm and use equipment to prevent the risk of slip-and-fall injuries on icy winter roofs.

Timely Roof Repairs

In Ann Arbor, roof repairs should never be put off longer than a few weeks. Timely roof repairs are critical to keep the interior and exterior of your home safe when the next bout of bad weather blows through. It’s important to understand the rules of timely roofing, and that your roofers understand the importance of getting you scheduled in quickly even better than you do.

Between Seasonal Storms

The seasonal storms here in Michigan can be killer, and sometimes they blow in one right after another. But if one storm has ripped a few shingles off your roof, you sure as heck want those shingles back in place by the time the next storm rolls in. This can make Ann Arbor roof repairs a semi-constant experience, especially if you have an older roof and happen to be unlucky about storm paths this year.

If your home has experienced roof damage and there’s bad weather on the horizon, that moment is exactly when you need a timely roof repair. And if you don’t see the next storm coming, know that it will and start strategizing for your repair before the next seasonal storm blows through.

Within a Few Weeks of Warm-Weather Damage

If something incidental damages your roof in the summer dry spell, you may be thinking about waiting until autumn to get it repaired. You could do that, but any Ann Arbor resident knows that’s a gamble. It’s best to get any summertime roof repairs taken care of within a couple of weeks. After all, the summer isn’t completely free of rain and any opportunity to leak through the roof can create lasting water damage. Even during the nicest time of the year.

It’s often smart to start with a quick inspection, slipped into a busy roofing season, so you are aware of just how serious your summertime roof damage is and how urgent it is to get it fixed before the first summer rain or autumn storm.

Whenever You Notice Damage Has Occurred

Many homeowners call for roofing repairs whenever they notice roof damage, though not always immediately after it happens. We don’t look at our roofs nearly enough, so it can take weeks or months to realize that something has fallen or the wind has blown hard enough to break a few of your shingles.

Keep an eye on your roof and don’t be shy to call for repairs whenever you happen to notice that damage has occurred.

The First Snowfall Deadline

And whatever you do, make sure to take care of timely repairs before the first late-autumn snow starts to fall. Yes, this is worth mentioning twice. Three times. However many are necessary to help everyone remember to get their roofing needs done before it officially starts snowing.

Emergency Repairs

Roofing is no laughing matter and when you really need roofing, roofers will come.

Anytime, Just Say It’s an Emergency

With the weather as intense as it can get here in Ann Arbor, sometimes roof repair just can’t wait. Whether it’s the summer busy season or the winter emergency-only, or in the three days between one storm and the next, sometimes you need roofing ASAP. When a heavy tree branch falls through a section of your roof, when your flashing pulls away and starts leaking into the house, when the wind blows a section of your roof bare, call for emergency roofing.

Just tell your roofer’s it’s an emergency and they will find a way to get out there and help you get your roof back on the job of keeping the rest of your home safe and warm. Whatever it takes.

Planning for Future Roof Repairs in Ann Arbor

Finally, you may be wondering when the best time to plan for Ann Arbor roof repairs that are not yet necessary. Whether you’re renovating a home to sell, planning your roof reinstallation, or have a few superficial spots to fix, it’s often smart to schedule months into the future to ensure your roofers are ready when you need them and to get the best service.

Snow Melt Repairs

There are some repairs that occur during late autumn and winter that can wait until the snow melts, but need to otherwise be taken care of immediately. Because the winter is for emergency repairs only, superficial repairs that do not jeopardize the safety and integrity of your roof can be put off. But once you know that a minor repair is necessary, it’s smart to call up your roofing service and schedule a snow-melt repair for the first dry sunny weekend that’s warm enough to work with the shingles.

Scheduling Big Repairs for Next Summer

If you’ve got something big planned for your roof like a remodel or a full reinstallation, be one of those smart forward-thinking homeowners who schedule far in advance. Everyone wants roofing in the summer and you can have it as long as you call a few months ahead of time. For really big projects, you might even consider scheduling ahead by a whole year or more. Roofers certainly don’t mind having guaranteed business booked out far into the future. It gives them something to look forward to.

Pencil-Me-In Roof Repairs

If you have superficial repairs that are no rush to fix and you want the soonest or most affordable possible service, you can ask your roofers to pencil you in for whenever is most convenient for them. This is sort of like flying stand-by in the airport, waiting for seats to become available whenever is most convenient for the airline for an extreme discount or last-minute same-day flight.

Let your roofers know when you can make yourself available, like weekends or any time after 3 PM, and they will let you know when they can get you in ASAP or the moment their prices drop for the season. If you’ve got free time and are okay with a little uncertainty, being penciled in is a great way to get exactly the service you want when it works best for your roofers.

There’s no absolute best time for roof repairs, but there is definitely a best time for the roof repairs your Ann Arbor home needs. Whether you’re looking for ASAP service, low-cost service, or a timely repair before the next storm, you can rely on A2 roofing. We’ve been dedicated to serving the homeowners of Ann Arbor for nearly 20 years and hope to serve you faithfully for another 20 and more. Contact us today to schedule roofing repairs whenever you need them most, we’ll be happy to hear from you!

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