Types Of Home Windows in Wyandotte Michigan You Can Choose From

Home Remodel with Windows in Wyandotte MI

New windows for your home can easily increase its value and energy efficiency. That’s one reason why getting replacement windows in Wyandotte Michigan continues to be one of the best home improvement projects you can do for your home. But you may be missing out on increasing your home’s curb appeal and overall value further by choosing the wrong windows. To make sure you know what you are getting and how the styles work for and against you, it is important to understand the types of windows available.

Types Of Home Windows in Wyandotte Michigan You Can Choose From

One of the most common options for home windows is single hung. This is because they are a simple design, easy to install and affordable. However single hung windows are only able to open halfway. This means that while there are two panels of glass arranged vertically, only one of those panels, typically the bottom, will be able to open and close. There is also a second sill where the panels meet, creating an obstructed view of outside.

Types Of Home Windows in Wyandotte Michigan You Can Choose From

Double Hung

Designed to address some of the issues of single hung windows, you can choose to upgrade to double hung windows. They are set up the same way as the single hung window, but both panels of glass can be opened and closed. You will still only be able to open them half of the total area of your windows, but you can choose what panel you want open.


For those with shoulder pain, or that cannot get the purchase needed to open and close vertical windows, you can also choose to go with sliding windows. These windows look like and operate much like sliding glass doors, and are ideal for above sinks or areas where you would be farther from the frames you need to move.


Casement windows are becoming increasingly popular in homes, and it is easy to see why. They are set up to open and close via a crank system, making them easy to move, and provide much more security than hung windows. Casement windows sit on hinges like a door, and open outwards, making it easy to angle them and catch a nice cross breeze. However, these windows will not work well with several side by side because the panels can bump into one another.


Like casement windows, awning windows are also on hinges, and open via a crank system. But awning windows are designed to open upwards and out, rather than to the side, making them look like an awning. These windows are great for homes with lots of windows right next to each other, and can also help prevent rain and debris from getting in when you still want airflow in your home.


If you want to focus more on the view outside and letting in more natural light, you can opt for a picture window. While they don’t open or close, these windows create a feature in your home that you can spend hours sitting by. Especially if you choose to go with a bow or bay window.


Another great way to introduce more natural light into your home is with a skylight. They can be placed above your bed to provide you with a view of the stars as you fall asleep, or in a darker area that needs more light. However, these windows require a much more complicated installation and will cause you problems if not properly done.


If you live in an area where strong winds, storms and natural disasters are common, you should seriously consider going with storm windows in your home. They provide more protection for your home against the elements, and will help keep your home warmer in the colder months. However, you will need to remove the extra layer in the warmer months to keep your home from getting too warm. Your windows cannot be opened either when the storm barrier layer is on.


If none of these options seem right for you, you can also consider customization. While it will cost you more than premade options, you will be able to get the size, style and shapes you want for your home. Be sure to talk with a qualified home improvement contractor in Wyandotte Michigan such as All Point Construction to better understand the costs associated with each type of window and how it can help your home in appearance, functionality, and energy efficiency. Call today at 734-407-7110 to get a free quote!

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