Reasons Why You Should Never Put Off Roof Repairs in West Bloomfield Michigan

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Because your roof is the first line of defense against the weather, moisture, debris, and pests, without a fully functioning roof, you sacrifice this protection and leave yourself open to a wide variety of problems.  As a roof leaks, the moisture works its way through the home and spreads everywhere it possibly can in the building. This moisture can wreak havoc on the home in a wide variety of ways and cost you thousands in home repairs. Without getting roof repair in West Bloomfield Michigan as soon as the leak appears, or before if you can get a regular roof inspection to make sure everything is in working order, you leave yourself and your home open to many additional problems.

Reasons Why You Should Never Put Off Roof Repairs in West Bloomfield Michigan

Damages from roof leaks can lead to all sorts of problems and it usually doesn’t just affect the roof of the home. As water enters your home almost everything it comes in contact with will show some signs of damage. From the insulation and structural components of the home to the drywall located on the ceiling of your home. Getting a roof leak repaired quickly can certainly cut down on a lot of damage from this water entering the home.

Reasons Why You Should Never Put Off Roof Repairs in West Bloomfield Michigan

Mold and Mildew Growth

Moisture getting into your home is never ideal, but when it remains in the building it can cause major problems. When moisture gathers and sits it can lead to mold and mildew growth. But unlike on most objects that allow you to clean off the mold and mildew, your home is not designed to handle it. So when it does grow, you are left with only one option, fully removing it. If this isn’t done quickly, the mold can spread throughout your home and destroy all it comes in contact with. Mold is also highly detrimental to your health. So you will need to have a professional mold cleaner out to fully clean and remove all mold from your home, which can cost you not only for the removal, but to replace any parts of your home that were too heavily contaminated.

Higher Energy Bills

When you have a leaking roof, it  isn’t just things getting in that you need to worry about. The opening where the leak occurs can easily allow air to flow in and out of the home and make it difficult to heat and cool your home properly. During the winter you can spend a lot of money trying to keep your home warm. But if you have a leak in your home, all that heat has a place to escape. The cold air from outside can also make its way into the home requiring you to use more heat to regain your warmth. This can also occur in the summer as you try to keep your home cool. As long as the leak is there you will see an increase in your heating and cooling bills and a decrease in how efficient your home is.

Fire and Electrical Hazards

As water comes into your home through the leak in your roof, it can make its way onto electrical wiring in your ceiling and walls. When this happens, you greatly increase your chances of creating an electrical hazard and, if a spark is created, a fire hazard as well. Because you can’t see the water on the wiring because the wiring is hidden, you are living in a time bomb that could go off at any time, unless the leak is fixed and the water cleaned up.

Structural Damage

As water soaks into the home it can also affect the structural integrity of your home. Wood beams can become rotten, warped and lose their ability to properly hold up your home. This means you can spend thousands of dollars to regain your home’s structural integrity just to keep your home standing as it should.

Get Roof Repairs on Your Home When Needed

When you need roof repairs on your home it’s best not to put them off. Get a professional roofer in West Bloomfield Michigan to make repairs to your home’s roof and keep it protected. The roofing experts at Twelve Oaks Roofing can help! Call them today at 248-525-6950

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