Problems That Can Come with Skylight Installation in Plymouth Michigan

Problems That Can Come with Skylight Installation in Plymouth Michigan

Skylights are a great feature in any home and can have many advantages when installed properly. From the natural light they produce, to the beautiful view up at the sky, few homeowners would turn down the opportunity to have a skylight installed in Plymouth Michigan. But if you really want to have a skylight installed in your home, you need to know about the possible problems that can come with it.

Problems That Can Come with Skylight Installation in Plymouth Michigan

As with any type of home improvement project you’ll need to plan out the project first and list all the pros and cons to get a better understanding of the entire project. This can help to prevent buyers remorse and it also ensures you get exactly what you’re looking for in the project. Sometimes that means looking at the common problems that can happen during a project.

To install a skylight in your home, you need to first cut an opening in your roof where the skylight will go. By altering your roof, you are opening your home up to many problems. This is because your roof is the first line of defense for your home, so there is nothing to protect your roof from the elements. So even the smallest crack or opening can introduce your home into lots and lots of costly issues. This is why it’s so important to have a qualified home improvement contractor that can also handle roofing projects as well. Here are some of the problems that you may experience if you attempt to do the project yourself or hire a low quality contractor:

Problems That Can Come with Skylight Installation in Plymouth Michigan


During the process of cutting your roof and installing your skylight, there are plenty of opportunities for errors. If you cut too much or do not measure properly, you can end up with gaps where leaks can form. Leaks can be minor or severe, and can lead to moisture damage and a loss of energy efficiency.

Moisture Damage

Moisture can come through your skylight from leaks, or can get trapped in your home while the installation is occurring. When moisture is able to get into your home it can cause serious damage to everything around it. This includes sagging in your roof, warping, rotting and even mold. These problems very rarely stay in just one area, and are prone to spreading quickly. Once moisture damage has occurred, it is very difficult to repair the area without completely removing the damaged materials and replacing them.

Decreased Energy Efficiency

Gaps in your home of any kind will always cause problems when it comes to energy efficiency. But skylights are especially problematic because of their location. Heat transfers are much easier to accomplish through glass than the solid layers of a roof. This means that the hot air in your home rising is much more easily lost through the skylight and the air outside can get in easier as well. With this, you can expect to see an increase in your monthly heating and cooling costs to keep your home’s temperature regulated.

How to Prevent Issues with Your Skylight Installation

To make sure you are getting the skylight you want without all the possible problems, it is important to do everything by the book and not cut corners. This includes:

Double Checking Your Measurements

One of the easiest ways to avoid problems is just checking your numbers. The phrase “measure twice, cut once” is a saying for a reason. Taking the extra time to verify everything matches up will help save you time, money, and trouble.

Choosing the Right Materials

A skylight is essentially another window in your home. When selecting what skylight, you want it is important to think of it like you are picking out another window. Choose durable materials like vinyl, don’t be afraid to add on energy efficient features, and don’t forget to install flashings.

Remember the Insulation

Just like with all your other windows, you need to make sure you have adequate insulation surrounding it. This will help to create a stronger barrier between the interior and exterior of your home.

Hire A Professional

Skylights are no small job, so don’t treat them like it. To guarantee the job is done right, hire an experienced, licensed and insured professional contractor to do the job such as Home Pros Plymouth. With a fully qualified and experienced staff, they can handle your skylight installation and make sure it is done right. Call them today at 734-548-9911 to get a free quote on your skylight installation in Plymouth Michigan.

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