Make the Right Choice for Siding in Southgate Michigan for Your Home

Southgate MI Siding Installation

The siding on your home is very important as it protects the home from weather. It is also something that can play an essential role in the outside appearance of your home. If you have beautiful siding on your Southgate Michigan home it can increase the curb appeal of your home and make it more valuable. However, deciding on which siding to go with, is something that can be a hard and confusing decision to make. We’ll go over some of the popular siding choices that you’ll want to talk with a home siding contractor in Southgate Michigan about to get the benefits of new siding on your home. 

Make the Right Choice for Siding in Southgate Michigan for Your Home

When it comes to your home’s siding you’ll want to choose a siding installation company that is reputable and qualified. The siding company in Southgate, All Point Construction has a team of professional siding experts who fully understand the significance of choosing just the right siding and are there to help you. They have put together the following handy guide to aid you in finding just the right siding that is for your Southgate Michigan home:

Make the Right Choice for Siding in Southgate Michigan for Your Home

Wood Siding With Classic Beauty That is Redefined

For a lot of homeowners, wood siding is something that gives off a classic and timeless appeal. Wood should feel natural and be authentic. However, wood siding does have its drawbacks, and one of them is this. It is the stuff that many insects do make their favorite snack. One insect, in particular, is the nasty termite. Wasps, ants, and beetles are also attracted to wood siding for some reason. Another problem of wood siding is that it requires a lot of maintenance. Regular painting and sealing the siding is important to keep the appearance of the siding looking great.

Some Benefits of Wood Siding:
●Has Excellent Impact Resistance
●Very Easy to Handle and Install
●Resistant to Hail and Other Weather Damage


Promoting Low Maintenance and High Curbside Appeal

For both homeowners and builders, the idea of low maintenance of vinyl siding is one that makes perfect sense and offers an ideal solution. It is resistant to any termites and rot and will always look sharp for some years to come. Vinyl is also available in almost any color or style. You can dream big to imagine the design of your home or neighborhood overall. Vinyl siding is one of the most popular types of siding used today because of it’s numerous qualities. Vinyl siding looks amazing, it’s low maintenance, and best of all, it’s one of the most economical siding choices you can have installed on your home.

 A Siding Style and Design That Work

Once you have determined if you will go with wood or vinyl siding, you need to decide on a defined style and design for your home. There is one called lap siding, which is also known as clapboard or horizontal siding. It ‘s one of the most common of all choices for modern homes. What these planks look like are that they are typically beveled, which means that they are slightly thicker at the bottom more so than the top. Paneled siding has its beautiful panels that give off a classic wood look. If you want a nice board and batten look, you should choose using shakes and shingles. One of the most popular types of siding that home owners are choosing is called James Hardie siding or HardiPlank. It is made of cement fibers and is one of the best choices for siding materials for your home.

Call All Point Construction for a Free Estimate on Siding for Your Home

At All Point Construction, they have a team of siding installation experts that take great pride in creating a beautiful exterior for all of their clients. The surface that we create should be something that they will be able to enjoy for many years to come. It doesn’t matter if you decide on vinyl siding or search out for something more traditional, they are there to help with your build or remodeling project. Please give them a call at 734-407-7110 for a free estimate on your siding project in Southgate Michigan.

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