Is Your Curb Appeal Suffering? Try a New Roof in Downriver Michigan

Are you thinking about selling your home? Maybe you’re looking for ways to increase its value. Whatever the reason for boosting your home’s curb appeal will increase the value of your home. And it will give you that great feeling living in a nice-looking home. One way to boost the curb appeal of your home this install a new roof on your home. There are many choices when it comes to roofing in Downriver Michigan today and each can have an impact on the curb appeal of your home. Talk with a qualified roofer for your options to help determine the right roof for your home. We’ll look at some tips and guidelines that you need to consider what’s using a roof for your home in this post.

Boost your curb appeal? Try a new roof in Downriver Michigan

When it comes to design elements of the home many homeowners never consider the roof. However, the roof on your home has a direct impact on the curb appearance appeal of your home. 4 roofs with higher pitches the roof itself could make up 50% or more of the view for the home. Having an old roof that is speckled with algae mismatched shingle colors, or apparent damage will decrease the value of your home dramatically. Not only that but it could be a potential roof leak in some cases. here are some tips to make sure you get the most out of your homes Roofing when it comes to curb appeal.

Is Your Curb Appeal Suffering? Try a New Roof in Downriver Michigan

The color of the roof has an impact

The roofing materials of today come in a variety of styles, shapes, and colors. Even materials. Understanding the choices and choosing the one that can have the greatest impact on curb appeal for your home usually means you’ll need to talk with a roofer. Some roofing material today have energy-efficient roofing materials which may only be available in specific colors or patterns. To get the best of both worlds which is better energy efficiency for your home and the best overall look likely means you’ll need one of these newer, more modern roofing systems. You’ll also need to find a roofing material that works with the colors that are already on your home. Neutral colors for the roofing work best.

More Advanced Roofing Systems

A big problem with roofing materials after they are installed here in Michigan is that algae and moss can grow on the roofing shingles. This can happen rather quickly after a new roof is installed. In fact, in less than 5 years your home’s roof may have algae on it which dramatically cuts down on the curb appeal of the roof. There are answers, however. Some roofing materials today such as those offered by GAF have algae protection and stain guard resistance embedded into the shingles. Which can give your home’s roof protection for more than 25 years against this common problem. Installing a new roof to boost curb appeal without out your protection likely means that your curb appeal would go up initially and then drop after a few years when the ouchie starts to show.

Don’t forget the gutters

When you get a new roof on your home it can certainly protect your home for many years to come. However, you need to consider things such as roof components when getting a new roof as well. These will also affect the curb appeal of your home. From chimneys to skylights the escalation of these products will impact the overall appearance of the roof. another common component of the roof is the gutters. Installing new gutters with a new roof is almost always recommended. Make sure the gutters on your home are not in disrepair when getting a new roof.

Get a quote on a new roof

If your home’s roof is starting to show it’s age or is covered in algae it may be time to install a new roof. Hiring a qualified roofing contractor is a must when it comes to getting the job done correctly. Roofing is not a do-it-yourself project and you should only use qualified and licensed professionals. One professional roofing company that we recommend in Downriver Michigan are Downriver Roofers. They offer free quotes on the roofs and have been in business for over 20 years. Plus they are a master elite roofing contractor endorsed by roofing manufacturer GAF. Call Downriver Roofers today to learn more at 734-548-9919.

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