Improve the Energy Efficiency of your Home with HVAC Tips

hvac tips

There are many things in your home that require high amounts of energy to perform and your HVAC system is one of those systems. In fact, it’s likely that your HVAC system uses as much as 25% of your home’s energy. Cutting down on the energy that the HVAC system uses by only 10% can be a huge discount on your energy bill. ¬†Here are some tips that you can use to get better energy efficiency out of your unit and save money on your energy bill.

Improve the Energy Efficiency of your Home with HVAC Tips

The tips I will give you here may not seem like they have much of an impact on your home’s energy bill. But, when combined these tips can really help you bring your energy bill down and also help your HVAC last longer and be more productive when it’s running. These tips are in no specific order but they can all be combined together.

Make Sure the Air Filter is Clean

The air filter on the HVAC system stops unwanted contaminants from entering into the system. It also blocks dust and debris from being sucked into the air system. When the air filter starts to get some dust accumulated on it the air flow is restricted. Fans will need to work harder and pull more energy to move the air. By keeping the air filter clean you allow for the fans to work with little restriction which can help them be more energy efficient. It’s best to change the air filters on your unit every month even if they appear okay.

Install a Digital Programmable Thermostat

Keeping you home at 72 degrees is what most people want. But, think about the days when no one is at home. Why keep the home at 72 degrees when there is no one there. In fact, if your family is gone throughout the day there is no reason to keep the house that temperature. It only makes the HVAC unit work much harder. Consider getting a programmable thermostat to go in your home.

A programmable thermostat can increase or decrease the temperature at specific times. If you wanted to keep the home at a temperature that is more or less during the day you can do so with a programmable thermostat. They are usually easy to install and a home owner can do this themselves in most cases. If you’re unsure about adding a programmable thermostat be sure to call an HVAC technician for help. Michigan HVAC Pros is a great start to help you get a thermostat installed by professional technicians.

Get an Annual Inspection of Your HVAC Unit

A great way to help solve problems with your HVAC unit is by getting annual inspections. When a technician does an inspection on your HVAC unit they will check all the components to make sure they are working within specifications. Many times, when a component is beginning to fail it will use more power and cause a drain on energy. Being able to find these problems and fix them before your unit fails is a huge advantage. First, it means that you won’t have any unexpected downtime with your unit and second because it can help find those components using more energy than they should. Getting an annual inspection of your HVAC unit also means that the technician will clean any duct work and registers in most cases which can allow for better air flow through the system.

Improve the Energy Efficiency of your Home with HVAC Tips

Consider Getting a New Unit Installed

If your current HVAC system is older then you might want to consider getting a newer more energy efficient model installed. Sometimes the cost of a new system can be offset by tax breaks and bonuses from places like your electric company. It’s best to call them and ask about any rebates or incentives to getting a new HVAC unit. You will likely save money in the long run by getting a new unit installed.

Many of the modern HVAC systems have lots of energy efficient features built right into them. From zoned cooling and heating to variable fan motor speeds, there are many benefits to getting a new unit installed. Check with professional HVAC installers or a good home improvement company for more details on just how much energy a new unit could save you on your energy bills.

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