How to Properly Winterize The Outside of Your Home in Downriver Michigan

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The term “winter wonderland” can be spot on when you have your home ready for the weather, but not being properly prepared can turn a wonderland into a nightmare. To get your Downriver Michigan home ready for winter and keep it problem free it is crucial that you take the proper steps and winterize your home completely.

How to Properly Winterize The Outside of Your Home in Downriver Michigan

Here are the ten most important things to do when properly winterizing the outside of your home:

How to Properly Winterize The Outside of Your Home in Downriver Michigan


  • Clean Out Your Gutters: As the leaves fall in autumn your gutters can quickly be filled with debris. Once the flow is blocked, your gutters cannot properly drain the rain, snow and ice and can ruin the siding and roof of your home significantly. Without regular cleanings and making sure there are no blockages, you are susceptible to having to fully replace your gutters as well so it is crucial you check at least once a week to keep everything flowing smoothly.
  • Prep Your Hose and Sprinkler System: This can often be overlooked, but in order to keep your hoses and sprinkler systems running correctly the rest of the year you need to prepare them for the impending winter, Hoses need to be rolled up and stored properly so any water left inside doesn’t freeze and puncture. Sprinkler systems need to have the lines cleared with compressed air to keep the pipes from freezing and the heads must be stored indoors.
  • Properly Store Outdoor Items: The freezing temperatures and snow can wreak havoc on outdoor items like grills, patio furniture, lawn mowers, toys and anything else you may have in your yard. To keep them all in good condition it is important to store them in garages, basements, sheds or any other places that can provide proper coverage from the winter weather and extreme cold.
  • Inspect and Clean Your Chimney: Wood burning fireplaces can be a great feature in your home during the winter, but you need to make sure it is ready to use before lounging by the fire during the cold months. Never use your fireplace without having in professionally inspected and cleaned because without it you can end up dealing with health issues as well as fire risks.
  • Protect Your Plants: outdoor plants should either be moved inside or covered with blankets to protect them from the freezing temperatures and ice. When in doubt look up the proper winter care for your specific plants to see if they can survive with just the blanket or if they will have to be taken inside.
  • Have Your Roof Inspected: Roofs are one of the most crucial parts of your home’s defense against the elements. If shingles are broken or missing they cannot stop moisture form getting into the sub roof and cause major damage like mold, structural damage, and the need to replace your roof completely. You should keep an eye on your roof year round, but you need to have it professionally inspected it before the winter snow begins so you have a clean bill of health before the snow and ice pile on your roof.
  • Trim Your Trees: Trees need to be trimmed year round, but especially when the weight of heavy snow and ice is sticking to them. This can cause loose branches to fall and longer branches to scrape into your home if close enough. This can cause damage to your home, car and yourself so it is better to be safe than sorry and trim the trees before the snow falls.
  • Install Storm Windows and Doors: Storm doors and windows keep your home safe and warm and save you on your energy bill. Almost fifty percent of your home’s heat gets lost through windows and doors so having the proper protection and installment can save you big time!
  • Check The Siding On Your House: If your home’s siding is old or starting to come apart it is really important to replace it before winter comes because winter storms can radically intensify the problem. Some minor problems can become major over the course of the season and it is always better to get ahead of the problem.
  • Consider Your Pets: If you own animals that live outdoors like livestock or spend part of their time outdoors like rabbits or dogs, you need to make sure they are going to be warm enough and comfortable during the harsh winter months. Whether it is bringing them indoors into your home or a barn, you need to provide bedding for them to stay warm and check on them regularly to make sure they are okay. If you are unsure about how to winterize barns or hutches a few minutes of internet research will solve that.

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