Home Window Styles and Types for Your Home

Types of Home Windows

There are many different styles of home windows you can get for your home. Knowing what each home window is designed for can help you better decide on which home window you should get for your home. In this article I’ll go over the most popular styles of home windows so you can better choose the perfect windows for your home. 

Home Window Styles and Types for Your Home

If you’re building a new home and wanting a special window placed in your home I have a few styles listed below that can really help you out. From bay windows to bow windows, adding a larger home window will help you to improve the curb appeal of the home. One of these windows can also help to really be a focal point of the room. Listed below are some of the styles of windows that are available for your home.

Types of Home Windows

Bay Windows

One of the most popular styles of windows for living rooms is are bay windows. Bay windows usually consist of a large window that is set off from the home a bit. It will also have two smaller windows that are located on each side of the larger window. Typically bay windows are stationary and they can’t be moved or opened. Bay windows are very popular on the front of homes and usually have the two smaller windows offset at about 45 degrees from the larger window. Bay windows are popular all throughout the United States. One of the top home improvement projects is adding a bay window to your home.

Bow Windows

Like bay windows for your home bow windows are also popular in living rooms. They are similar to bay windows but they differ because they usually include 4 or more windows and those windows are usually the same size. Bow windows are popular for homes with large rooms that require a lot of light and access to outdoor light. Most bow windows are stationary like bay windows and can’t be opened or moved.

Double and Triple Windows

Another popular home window for larger rooms is the double and triple windows. Double and triple windows are simply home windows that are placed directly beside each other. Many times there will be some sort of device that connects them. However, they are basically single windows that are joined together using a strip. Double and Triple Windows are usually used in larger rooms such as a living room or den. They can also be used in places that have longer walls where single windows may look out of place. For mid-range homes, having a double and a triple window setup is quite common.

Home Window Styles and Types for Your Home

Single Hung Windows

One of the most inexpensive types of windows that is available on the market today is the single hung window. A single hung window is a window that can be opened from the bottom only. You can slide the sash at the bottom up and down. Some models of single hung windows will also allow you to tilt the bottom sash inward for cleaning. However, the top sash in the window is fixed and it does not move at all. Cleaning the top sash is very difficult on single hung windows and usually can’t be done from the interior of the home.

Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows are the most common type of home windows that are on the market today. They are just like single hung windows except they allow the top sash to slide down. The sashes may also be tilted in for cleaning on both the top and the bottom sashes making the window much easier to clean from inside the home. Many of the home windows in Michigan are double hung windows as they are so popular.

Block Windows

Having a window in a bathroom usually means that you don’t want anyone to see in. This type of application usually means the use of a block window. A block window is usually made from small blocks that are distorted so that you can’t easily see through them. Light can still pass through them but even with your eyes directly against the window you can’t really see clearly though it. They make great windows for bathrooms and such. Block windows are stationary and can’t be opened as well.


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