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Home Exterior: How you can Boost Your Curb Appeal in Downriver Michigan

Downriver MI Home Improvement

If it’s time for you to move on and sell your house, or if you just to add some additional curb appeal – and increase its value in the process – then you may want to consider updating your exterior elements. What your home looks on the outside is almost more important than what it looks like on the inside. The exterior of your house is what will draw buyers in, so you need to make sure you’ve wisely invested on such an important selling point! Consider these projects for home improvement in Downriver Michigan to make the most of your home’s curb appeal!

Home Exterior: How you can Boost Your Curb Appeal in Downriver Michigan

Siding – New siding before you sell is never a bad idea. You’ll get your money back once you sell the house and it will make for a great sell! You are able to greatly update the look of your home with new siding and can really make your house stand out amongst competition. There are all kinds of options available that can work with any style home.

Front Door – Your front door can make a HUGE impact in your home’s curb appeal. As an outdated or worn down, standard door, it will do little to invite buyers in and make them feel safe and at home. You want to make a statement and tell buyers that they are HOME. Your front door is also the forefront of what makes someone feel secure in your home, so be sure there is a sturdy, welcoming, but secure door to great buyers.

Home Exterior: How you can Boost Your Curb Appeal in Downriver Michigan

Entrance – Whatever it was that got buyers to come take a look at your home, make sure you don’t lose them at the front door. Make sure that your entrance is welcoming and will stand out as something they wouldn’t mind coming home to everyday. Things to think about – can the buyer tell how to enter the home? Is there a wow factor? Would you feel as though you were being welcomed in? Consider how to make all these things work at your entrance.

Windows – New windows are a great selling point for a home! With all the latest and greatest options at your disposal, investing in new windows can actually make you money by increasing the value of your home greatly. Old windows are not only less efficient than newer ones, but they will appear just as worn out and weary as they are. Freshen up the windows and truly feel the difference, both in temperature and in your bank account after you sell!

Roof – Your roof is the primary line of defense for your home. A worn and old roof can really knock down the curb appeal of your home, and thus the value of your home. Curling shingles, buckling areas, or other damages can really turn a buyer away when they look at your house. A new roof may be a big investment, but it is a wise investment as it is a great selling feature. A buyer will see the value in a new roof as they don’t have to worry about the problems that can come with an older roof.

Lawn – Having a well-kept lawn is crucial for your property value and to help sell your home if it’s on the market. If you only have a well-kept lawn, you could be doing yourself a disservice by not having any character building landscaping.

Trees – You have to find a nice balance with trees. Too many trees could crowd your lawn and hide your home. Not enough tress could leave your property looking barren. For those trees you do have, you’ll want to make sure they aren’t a threat to your home or have overgrowth going on, as this can take away from both curb appeal and home value. Trim your trees and remove any that are covering your home from view to boost both.

Overall, the exterior of your home should be well taken care of and maintained so that your curb appeal is at its best. If certain things need updating, then you should take care of those first and work your way towards a more aesthetically pleasing home. Whether you plan to sell soon, or years down the line, an update is always great for increase in home value and makes your place look great! Be sure to call one of the top home improvement contractors in Downriver Michigan for a free estimate at 734-407-7110. All Point Construction can make your dream home a reality!

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