Factors That Influence Pricing of Roof Shingles in Royal Oak Michigan

The roof on your home is very important because it protects the home and keeps it from being damaged by weather. It’s important to ensure your roof is in good condition so that it can protect your home and one of the most popular type of roofing materials that is used today in Michigan is asphalt or fiberglass roof shingles. Many things affect the cost of a new roof on your home when you need roof shingles on your home which we’ll go over in this article. Of course, you will need a estimate from a qualified roofer in Royal Oak Michigan and inquire about the following factors. 

Factors That Influence Pricing of Roof Shingles in Royal Oak Michigan

As I mentioned above asphalt roof shingles are the most popular type of roofing used in Royal Oak Michigan. Usually most people choose this type of roofing material because it works very well, is very durable, and these roof shingles are economical to install. The warranty for roof shingles can vary but usually the better warranty that is attached to the roof shingle the higher the price. This is just one factor that can influence the price of getting a new roof installed but there are many others. Here are some of those factors that can influence the cost of your new roof in Royal Oak Michigan.

Factors That Influence Pricing of Roof Shingles in Royal Oak Michigan

Size of the Roof

A larger roof will require a lot of materials as compared to a smaller one. According to “8 Factors that Affect the Price of a New Roof” by Trevor Leeds, one roofing square equals 100 square feet, and most of the roofing materials are normally sold at a square feet. So, the larger the size of the roof, the extra the cost of roofing. Furthermore, a large roof requires extra labor; this will in turn increase the roofing price.

Slope of the Roof

A very steep roof maybe difficult especially when walking. Safety precautions must be taken into account. In addition, shingle roof requires installation of two layers underlayment; this will influence its pricing because it has to have the required fire rating.

Roofing Extras

Roofing has other charges for other extra details. For you home to look beautiful, extra equipment must be added, for example, the chimney and skylights. This will increase the final cost of roofing.

Roof Access

This is a very critical aspect in roofing cost. If accessing the roof is difficult, it means extra equipment is needed and labor to tear the roof off, load and stage the roof until a complete roof is achieved. If the access is easier, time taken to complete the whole job will be less therefore saving the overall roofing cost.

Roofing Components Installed

The underlayment and the decking type of materials used, the insulation and ventilation installed, the fasteners applied to carry different performance level, the manufacturing cost all influence the price.


There is a great difference between a roofing standard warranty in which the roofing contractor backs labor and workmanship of the project, and no-dollar-limit warranty that are backed by manufactures. It depends on the warrant coverage you want. That will determine your cost, too.

Removal of Old Roof Shingles

There is a common practice of installing a new roof over an old roof. Though this is intended to save money and time, with time, it may be difficult to install another roof in this manner. If your roofer has to get rid of old materials by removing several layers, it might also increase the cost of roofing later. The amount of time it takes to get rid of the old roofing material and disposing it will definitely affect the roofing cost.

It is very clear that there are several factors that influence shingle roof pricing. Before you make any decision, you have to consider all these factors. That is, the size of the roof, the slope, roofing extras, roof access, warranty, tear down and finally the roofing components installed.

Start with a Roof Estimate

In order to determine just what your new roof will cost it’s always best to start with a free estimate from a qualified roofing contractor in Royal Oak Michigan. Be sure to call Royal Oak Remodeling Contractor today at 248-509-8010 to get a free consultation on your roofing project in Royal Oak Michigan.

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