Double Hung and Single Hung Windows in Southgate Michigan: The Difference

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Choosing a window style to work with for your home improvement project not only shows your style, but also can impact your home in many ways. The window functionality, as well as the appearance of your property for curb appeal, are affected when you change your windows. The right window for you will work well with your home, meet your budget, and will work with your style. However, even with the best windows, when you don’t have a qualified windows contractor in Southgate Michigan to install the windows in your home you can end up hurting the value of your home. With any home improvement project it’s always best to use a professional contractor.

Double Hung and Single Hung Windows in Southgate Michigan: The Difference

Today, there are many different models of windows that you can choose from. Some of the more popular are single hung windows and double hung windows. But that’s certainly not all you can have installed in your home. There are sliding windows, bay, bow, and more window styles you can choose from. There are some similarities in the window styles and we’ll compare them below.

Making this choice can be overwhelming and a bit difficult for home owners, but hiring a contractor can help ease this burden. A contractor will know what options are available to you and will be able to help you decide on what works best for you. There are two primary types of windows that are purchased are double hung and single hung windows. Here we will discuss the differences as well as similarities in these options.

Double Hung and Single Hung Windows in Southgate Michigan: The Difference

The Similarities in the Two

Both single-hung and double-hung windows both slide open vertically with an upper and lower sash. The sash is a square or rectangular framing that houses the glass window. The sash may also include muntins that break the window into smaller pieces within the frame. Single and Double hung windows often look identical from afar.

The Differences in the Two

The primary difference between single and double hung windows is in how they function. Single hung windows move only with the bottom sash while double hung windows function with both sashes able to move up and down. In double hung windows, both sashes can move at the same time. This allows for additional ventilation whereas single hung windows move less and tend to be simpler.

Benefits of Double and Single Hung Windows

Some of the most common types of double hung windows in today’s market have a tilt-in design due to their ease in being cleaned and maintained. Due to the nature of limited single hung windows functionality, they tend to be more difficult to clean and maintain. If the single hung window is on a higher story, there is even more difficulty in keeping the window well maintained. While this may not seem like a problem initially it will present itself later when it is time to clean your home windows.

Another benefit in double hung windows lies in the ability to keep the upper sash opened and the bottom closed. This is a safety benefit for anyone that wants extra ventilation but that has small pets or children. Double sash windows also allow for recirculation of air if both sashes are opened and the heat can escape with a breeze coming in.

The benefit of single hung windows are their price. Single hung windows tend to be less expensive and more budget-friendly, though homeowners who have opted for double hung tend to be satisfied with their dual functionality. Most don’t mind the extra expense for the tradeoff.  Single hung windows can be just as energy efficient as double hung windows in most cases however.

Making the Choice

You now have to decide what the best option for your home is. You need to compare the costs, convenience, style, and other factors to choose what will work best for your home. Don’t forget that a licensed professional contractor can help you in this process as they are knowledgeable and there to help you. It’s best to speak with a professional home improvement contractor such as All Point Construction to learn which is best for your specific needs. Talk with their window experts today by calling 734-407-7110 and get a free in-home consultation.

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