Choosing the Correct HVAC System for Your Home

Choosing the Correct HVAC System for Your Home

With so many different choices when it comes to heating and cooling systems today many home owners are left confused about which HVAC system they should install in their homes. Many HVAC contractors will only try to push the systems that they are dealers for and it may not be your best choice. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the HVAC systems that I list in this article so you can be better versed and knowledgeable about the system that will be installed in your home, and more importantly, why. 

Choosing the Correct HVAC System for Your Home

By adding a new HVAC system to your home you can make it much more energy efficient and if you choose the right system you’ll be perfectly comfortable in your home. I’ve put together a list of different types of HVAC systems below that can help you better understand the advantages and disadvantages to each one. I specifically did not endorse any brand on purpose although some of the systems are only offered by certain brands. This is only a guide to help you with any home improvement you may be doing with your HVAC system and isn’t meant to be a hard rule on which system to choose.

Multi Stage Heating and Cooling Systems

When a heating or cooling cycle of a single stage system is running it works at full capacity. Even for units with variable fan motors that deliver air at different rates into the home the unit itself including the hermetic system is working at full throttle. In terms of energy consumption, the unit uses just as much while it’s running like this as it would when it is very cold or hot outside. Adding a multi stage heating or cooling may be best but only if your home is a bit larger.

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Zoned Heating and Cooling for Your Home

Today’s heating and cooling systems are much more technologically advanced than systems designed and built just a decade ago. One of these advanced is the zoned HVAC system. In a zoned HVAC system the house is set up in zones where certain areas are heated or cooled throughout the day. By using programmable thermostats home owners can set zones up to be specific temperatures at certain times. Keeping a zone in the bedrooms upstairs where no one will be during the day is a popular option and can be turned down. A zoned system also allows different temperatures for different rooms so everyone can be comfortable no matter what temperature they like.

Types of Heating Systems Available and the Areas They are Used the Most

Sometimes the area you live in can dictate what sort of HVAC system you need. For example, a heat pump may work great in an area like Arkansas but isn’t a good choice for someone who lives in North Dakota. The best thing to do when it comes to picking an HVAC system out for your home is to ask your friends and family about theirs. What do they like or dislike about it. This can give you a huge insight as to the types of systems available to you. For many homes in the northern United States a heat pump is usually not a good choice and using a boiler or gas system is more advised.

Cooling Systems Available for Your Home

Cooling systems for your home can also be a challenge. Most older homes may not have ducting that will allow a standard AC to be installed and you may have to use a split system or ductless system. A split system is simply an air conditioner with a unit located on the exterior of the home and also an air handling unit located on the inside of the home. This allows the home owner to save money by not adding more duct to the home. And with a ductless air conditioner the install is fairly quick taking usually only a few hours total.

If you’re ready to get a new HVAC system installed and live in the Plymouth Michigan area be sure to call the home improvement experts at Home Pros Plymouth. They can guide you on which unit to install and more. Don’t just install the first HVAC system that you find, get professional advice from the experts.


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