Choosing the Best Roofing Contractor in Canton Michigan

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When it comes to getting the best roofing project done on your home there are some things that you’ll need to be aware of and some things you should be on the lookout for. Hiring a cut-rate roofer in Canton Michigan can mean your roof doesn’t hold up as it should and you may be replacing it again soon. Use the following tips for choosing the best roofing contractor in Canton Michigan. Without the right contractor for your roofing project you may need to replace your roof in just a short time. What’s even worse is that the warranty you may think you have on the roof is void. Don’t let that happen to you, read these tips to get the best roofing service for your home in Canton Michigan. 

Choosing the Best Roofing Contractor in Canton Michigan

There are many roofing tutorials and videos online that show you how you can install your own roofing. There are even television shows that gives advice and details about installing the roof yourself. In a perfect world, home owners would be able to install their own roofing. Unfortunately, there are many things that many of these videos and media doesn’t tell you. First, it’s very dangerous to go on your home’s roof. Most of the roofing that is used to display in these videos is flat roofing with little pitch. It doesn’t tell you the safety equipment that is needed for the roof. Nor does it warn of the dangers of falling from the roof or how you can actually damage the roofing surface just by walking on it. Roofing is not a do it yourself project. Attempting to install your own roof will likely void the warranty on your roof as well. That’s why it is so important to always use a qualified roofing contractor in Canton Michigan for your home.

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Get a New Roof Installed in Canton Michigan in a Single Day

Why wait on your new roof to be installed. Hiring a roofing contractor in Canton Michigan such as Tittle Brothers Construction can install your new roof in a single day. For most average sized homes in the Canton Michigan area, they can remove the old roofing materials and install new roofing all in a single day. This includes cleaning up and removing any debris from the project as well.

Always Use Fully Licensed and Qualified Roofing Contractors in Canton Michigan

Would you trust your roof to anyone? Many times home owners will call the first person they find in the phone book for their roofing repairs or installation. However, this can be a bad idea. Making sure the roofing contractor you use for your home’s roofing project is very important. It means that the roof will be installed as it should and all permits and paperwork will be done for the project. An insured roofing contractor will also help protect you in case there is an accident as well which can also be very important. Without it, your home owners insurance may be used and the premiums can go up because of the claim.

Factory Certified Roofers Are Better

There are several roofing manufacturers that have certifications for their products. Two of the biggest are GAF and Owens Corning. Having a roofing contractor in Canton Michigan who is fully certified by these roofing manufacturers means you’re getting the best of the best. Typically, only a few roofing companies in an area are afforded these certifications. Tittle Brothers Construction is a fully certified Owens Corning roofing materials installed and a Preferred Contractor for them.

Using a Contract for Your Roofing Project in Canton Michigan

Another tip you’ll need to use is getting a contract for the roof. Most reputable roofing contractors will always use a contract for the work they do. A contract can not only protect the roofing company but it can also protect you, the home owner. Make sure all the work, materials, prices, etc are listed on the contract for the roofing project. You may also need to get a signed copy of the contract. This can help later if there is a problem for some reason.

Get a Quote Today to Get Started

Are you ready to get started on your roofing project? Call Twelve Oaks Roofing today to get a free quote on a new roof in Canton Michigan. They offer free consultations on roof repairs and new roof installation in Canton Michigan.

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