3 Reasons Why Getting Siding Repair Quickly is Important

Siding Repair Downriver MI

One of the biggest problems that home owners face when it comes to ensuring their home lasts a long time is storm damage. High winds and driving snow and rain can start to damage the exterior components of the home. And over time, the exterior components will start to break down under this constant bombardment. Components such as roofing, windows, and siding are most affected by storm damage. And this can get worse over time which can be a huge problem. Many times damages to the exterior component such as siding can lead to all sorts of problems. When it comes to siding these problems can grow exponentially over time if the siding is damaged which you should avoid. Here are 3 reasons why it’s so important to get siding repair done on your home when there is a problem. 

3 Reasons Why Getting Siding Repair Quickly is Important

Over time siding can start to fail. With so many different types of siding used today it’s difficult for many home owners to determine just when that point of failure actually is. Most siding materials will last around 15 years before they start to break down. If your siding is older than 15 years old it’s important to keep an eye out for damages. When there is damage to your home’s siding it can lead to problems that you may not even realize. We’ve included some of the top reasons why it’s so important to have a siding contractor come and repair your home’s siding below:

3 Reasons Why Getting Siding Repair Quickly is Important

Damaged Siding Can Lead to Water Damage to Your Home

Many times siding can get a crack or break that can allow water to get behind the siding. Vinyl siding is especially problematic about this because the backing is typically more open and allows the water to flow freely behind the siding. Water getting behind the siding can lead to all sorts of damage. The longer the water remains behind the siding as well the more damage that can occur. Things like mold growth are common if the siding is not repaired as quickly as possible. Other damages include the wood rot caused by the water damage. And over time it can even lead to structural damage for the home.

When Your Siding is Damaged it Can Decrease Energy Efficiency in the Home

As water makes its way behind the siding that is damaged on your home it can affect the insulation of the home. If the water gets to the insulation in the wall it can saturate the insulation. As the insulation in the wall gets saturated with water it becomes very heavy and will fall down in the wall. This can leave the entire top portion of the wall basically un-insulated. As it affects the insulation on the exterior and interior of the wall that has the siding damage it can drastically cut down on the energy efficiency of that wall. The biggest problem with this is that you may not even know it even happened.

Damaged Siding Can Affect Other Areas of the Home

There are many reasons why damaged siding can hurt your home but the biggest problem is that it allows water behind the siding which can ultimately end up somewhere on the interior of your home. Water damage can lead to all sorts of problems. If the damaged siding is high on the side of the home the water traveling down can reach all sorts of other areas in the home which can lead to problem. Even in the basement can be problems from water damage. It’s so important to make sure that if you notice any siding problems on your home that you get it repaired by a reputable contractor as quickly as possible to avoid these damages and problems.

Get Siding Repair From the Experts

Siding repair needs to be done by professionals. If you live in the Downriver Michigan area one of the top siding contractors is All Point Construction. They have a full siding crew that can repair or install completely new siding on your home. They are also fully licensed and insured in the Downriver Michigan area and offers free estimates on siding projects. Call them today to get a free estimate at 734-407-7110

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